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Error: Invalid Page Fault in Myst.Exe


When starting Myst Masterpiece Edition, you may get the error Invalid Page Fault in Myst.exe


This issue is typically resolved by changing your display settings.

You may need to change your desktop color settings to match those of Myst Masterpiece Edition system requirements.

To do this:
To determine color setting and change (if necessary), follow these steps:
1) Click the Start button, select Settings and choose Control Panel. The Control Panel window will open.
2) Locate and double-click on the Display icon. A window titled Display Properties will appear.
3) Click the settings tab.
4) Go to the section labeled Color Palette, then change the setting to 24-bit color
5) Click Apply and then OK. You may need to restart Windows.
6) Restart Myst Masterpiece Edition. The program should now run without error.

NOTE: If you don't have a 24-bit or higher color setting for your display, then your video card does not meet the minimum system requirements for Myst Masterpiece Edition. You will need to upgrade your video card.

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