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Can I share additional content on multiple accounts?


I received extra content for Steep and want to share it on several accounts. Is this possible?


Generally, it is not possible to share content as it is bound to your account during the process of unlocking. 

On PC all content is locked to the account you first redeemed the content on. 

On PS4 as well as Xbox One there are exceptions to the rule. This is a list of which content can or cannot be shared: 

Can be shared: 
- Winter Fest DLC
- Extreme Pack DLC
- X Games DLC - Available on October 30, 2018

Cannot be shared: 
- Snowman Costume
- Moonlight Pack
- Freeride Woodcutter
- Freestyle Crystalline
- Helicopter Tickets
- Steep Credits

If you have questions about this, please contact our support team.

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