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Reporting a bug or technical issue


How can I report a technical issue or bug that I encountered in Anno 1800


To provide you with the best support for any technical issues or bugs you may encounter in-game, we need to investigate several factors.

Before reporting an in-game bug or issue, please try the following troubleshooting:
- Follow our basic PC troubleshooting steps
- Make sure your network is configured so you have the best possible connection to the game and the Ubisoft services

If the issue persists, please check the Anno 1800 forums and our list of known issues to see if it has been previously reported.

Otherwise, please open a support ticket, attaching the following:
- Screenshot or video of the bug. If the file you are trying to upload is too large, consider providing a link.
- DxDiag and MSInfo.

To help us identify the cause of the issue, please also provide answers to the questions relevant to your situation:
For game crashes: 
- Describe in detail what you were doing before the crash occurred.
- Did you receive an error message?
- What kind of crash is it? For example hard freeze, crash to desktop, black-screen, system reboot, etc.
- Were you using Dx11 or Dx12?
- What other applications were running in the background?
- Have you installed or updated any drivers recently? If so which ones and what version?
- Are you using a Windows Insider (beta) build of Windows?
- Are you using any specialized peripherals such as Tobii Eye Tracker, Third-party controllers, joysticks, etc?

For performance issues:
- Describe in detail what you were doing before you experienced performance issues.
- What graphical settings are you using? You can find these in the settings menu under “Graphics”.
- What are your audio settings? You can find these in the settings menu under “Audio”.

For a bug in game:
- Describe in detail what you were doing before you experienced the bug.
- What did you expect to happen when you performed the steps you described previously?
- Are you able to reproduce the issue you are describing and if so, what are the steps to reproduce the issue? 
- Were you able to find a work around that enabled you to continue playing and if so, what were the steps? 

Once we receive that information, we will be able to better understand the issue and provide a possible solution.
If you need further assistance or have any other questions, feel free to get in touch

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