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Creatures and Glyphs in Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians

How do I get new Creatures?
There are two ways to obtain Creatures.
-    You can summon a Creature from the Summoning Altar by purchasing Soulstones. 
-    You can capture Creatures while battling in Dungeons.

Where can I find Soulstones?
You receive a free Soulstone every day in the Summoning Altar. Additional ones can be obtained by completing selected Achievements, or can be purchased with Seals. Some of the Special Packs, available in the Shop, also offer Soulstones.

How can I improve my Creatures?
Tapping the “Creatures” button from the main Akadimia menu, you will see a list with all your Creatures at the bottom of the screen. Tap a Creature’s portrait to load additional information. You can improve your Creatures in 4 different ways: 
-    Upgrading their Level (Based on Experience)
-    Upgrading their Rank (Number of Stars)
-    Upgrading their Skills (The 3 spells at their disposal)
-    Evolving them (Change their physical aspect)

How do I Level up a Creature?
To upgrade a Creature’s Level you should select the “Upgrade” button in the Team Management menu and tap the “Level Up” button to access the relevant screen. 
Use Potions earned in battle to allow your Creatures to Level up faster.

Why should I Level up Creatures?
The higher a Creature’s Level, the stronger it becomes. 

What does it mean to Rank up a Creature? How do I do it?
    Upgrading the Rank of a Creature gives it an additional Star. The more Stars it has, the higher the Level it can reach.
-    1 Star:    Maximum Level = 15
-    2 Stars:    Maximum Level = 20
-    3 Stars:     Maximum Level = 25
-    4 Stars:     Maximum Level = 30
-    5 Stars:     Maximum Level = 35
To upgrade your Creature’s Rank, tap the “Upgrade” button in the Team Management menu and then select “Rank up” to access the relevant screen.
To Rank up a Creature you need to use other Creatures of the same rank, which will be released into the wild in the process, and effectively disappear from your collection. 
-    1 to 2 Stars:      Use 1 Creature of 1 Star
-    2 to 3 Stars:     Use 2 Creatures of 2 Stars
-    3 to 4 Stars:     Use 3 Creatures of 3 Stars
-    4 to 5 Stars:     Use 4 Creatures of 4 Stars
In addition, the Creature needs to have reached their current maximum level before you can Rank up. 

How do I upgrade Creatures’ Skills?
To upgrade a Creature’s Skill you should select the “Upgrade” button within the Team Management menu and tap the “Skill Up” button to access the relevant screen.
You will need 4 spare Creatures, all sharing the same Element as the one you want to improve. A Magical Book is also required to complete the process.

Why should I upgrade my Creatures’ Skills?
Upgrading the Skills of a creature will increase their power. Each Skill can be upgraded multiple times.

How do I Evolve a Creature?
To Evolve, Creatures require various Evolution Materials linked to their Element, in addition to Materia, Anima or Chimera, depending on your Magical House affiliation. For example, a Water Griffin requires water evolution items. You can get Evolution Materials by battling in the Special Dungeons of the Dragonmist Islands.

Why should I Evolve Creatures?
When a Creature is evolved, it becomes more powerful and its appearance changes. Evolve them until they become epic!

How can I see all my Creatures and access the Team Management menu?
You can access the Team Management menu by tapping the “Creatures” button on the main menu screen. The list of all your Creatures now appears in the bottom part of this section, allowing you to browse all of your available Creatures.

How do I see a Creature’s information? What does it mean?
In the center of the screen, within the Team Management menu, you will find the following information:
-    Name of the Creature
-    Rank: Number of Stars
-    Element: Impacts battles and required Evolution Materials
-    Role: Attacker, Defender, Support or Saboteur
-    Level: Current Level and Experience required to Level Up
-    Skills: The 3 Skills available in battles
-    Stats: The basic attributes of the Creature

Where can I see a Creature’s stats?
The full statistics of a given Creature are presented in a list view, on the right hand side of the screen, within the Team Management menu.

What do the Creature stats mean?
Creatures have individual stats to gage their power in battle. Their base stats appear in white, while any bonus applied to those stats are highlighted in green.
-    HP: Health Points
-    ATK: Attack
-    DEF: Defense
-    SPD: Speed 
-    CRIT %: Critical Chance
-    CRIT: Critical Damage
-    ACC: Accuracy
-    RES: Resistance

How can I compare the stats of two Creatures?
From the Team Management menu, alongside the “Upgrade” button you will notice another one labelled: “< >”. Tap it to access a new screen, where the Creature you had in focus already appears on the right hand side. You will also see a table in the center and an empty space on the left hand side. Select a Creature from the list underneath to compare it with by tapping on it. A new arrow button appears, allowing you to change to the desired Creature you want to inspect and compare.

What do Glyphs do?
You can equip up to 6 Glyphs at the same time to each Creature to increase their stats. Depending on the Glyph type, you’ll boost the Creature’s speed, attack, life, accuracy, resistance, and so forth.

How do I attach Glyphs to my Creatures?
Tap the “Creatures” button from the main Akadimia menu to open the Team Management screen. Select a Creature to see their 6 Glyph slots available. Tap on one of the slots to open the menu to equip Glyphs. On the left hand side, the unequipped Glyphs are grouped by type and by shape. When selecting an unequipped Glyph, you can check its details and equip it.

Where can I get Glyphs?
Glyphs can be found inside Dungeons and can also be looted from Chests.

Where can I see the Glyphs I have?
In the Team Management screen, the selected Creature will display which Glyphs are equipped to it. Tapping on any given Glyph slot opens your Inventory to review your other available Glyphs.

How many Glyphs can I equip at a time?
You can equip up to 6 Glyphs for each of your Creatures, with 2 Glyph slots for each of the 3 shapes available.

How can I upgrade a Glyph?
In order to upgrade a Glyph, you need to power it up using Crystals.

What are the different Glyph types?
Here is the list of all Glyph types you will encounter in the game:
-    Vitality:            Increases HP
-    Defense:            Increases DEF
-    Haste:            Increases SPD
-    Precision:            Increases ACC
-    Frenzy:            Increases CRIT %
-    Strength:            Increases ATK
-    Destruction:        Increases CRIT
-    Endurance:        Increases RES
Equipping a Creature with 3 Glyphs of the same type will grant an additional bonus:
-    3 Vitality Glyphs:        + 14% Health Bonus (HP)
-    3 Defense Glyphs:        + 14% Defense (DEF)
-    3 Haste Glyphs:        + 10 Speed Bonus (SPD)
-    3 Precision Glyphs:    + 10% Accuracy Bonus (ACC)
-    3 Frenzy Glyphs:        + 10% Critical chance Bonus (CRIT %)
-    3 Strength Glyphs:        + 14% Attack Bonus (ATK)
-    3 Destruction Glyphs:    + 40% Critical Damage Bonus (CRIT)
-    3 Endurance Glyphs:    + 10% Resistance Bonus (RES)

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