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How do I access the World map?
You can access the World Map by pressing the “Battle” button at the bottom of the Akadimia screen.

How do I unlock the next region on the map?
You must first complete a region in order to unlock the next one. Each region has a different environment where you can meet and capture different Creatures. There are 7 Dungeons in each region that must be completed and unlocked one by one.

What are the Dragonmist Islands?
The Dragonmist Islands are a special region where you will be able to obtain Glyphs to equip to your creatures, and Evolution Materials, required to improve your Creatures. They feature Glyph Dungeons and unique Elemental Dungeons:
Monday        Fire Dungeon opens        Collect materials for your fire creatures!
Tuesday        Water Dungeon opens        Collect materials for your water creatures!
Wednesday    Air Dungeon opens    Collect materials for your air creatures!
Thursday        Earth Dungeon opens    Collect materials for your earth creatures!
Friday        Fire + Water Dungeons open        Collect materials for your fire and water creatures!
Saturday        Air + Earth Dungeons open        Collect materials for your air and earth creatures!
Sunday        All Dungeons open        Collect materials for your all your elemental creatures!

What is the Tower of Trials?
Try to reach the higher levels of the Tower Of Trials to get unique rewards every month (Warning: extremely high difficulty!)

Where can I get Evolution Materials?
You can obtain Evolution Materials battling through the Dragonmist Islands and occasionally when opening Chests.

How do Dungeons work?
You can enter any Dungeon within the World Map by using Energy in order to fight and obtain rewards. Each Dungeon has 3 levels of difficulty. Complete an entire region to unlock the next difficulty level.

How do I know what Creatures can be captured in a Dungeon?
The Creatures that can be captured appear in the “possible rewards” box on the right hand side of the screen before entering any Dungeon.

What do the stars at the bottom of the map mean?
The stars indicates the difficulty level:
-    1 Star:    Normal difficulty
-    2 Stars:    Advanced Difficulty
-    3 Stars:    Nightmare Difficulty

How do I know what loot I can get in a Dungeon? 
Before heading to battle, you can check the “possible rewards” for a specific Dungeon. Each one proposes a unique combination of possible rewards. Defeat them all!

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