Sandstorm: Pirate Wars - General FAQ

What is Sandstorm: Pirates Wars?
It’s a F2P adventure RPG for smartphones and tablets where you survive and explore in a dusty, dangerous and gritty post-apocalyptic world. Your flying Sand-Cruiser will face rival ships controlled by the game or other players in thrilling air battles.
What is my main objective in the game?
To complete the different episodes of the single player campaign, where you’ll discover a deep story split into several types of missions. Their rewards will help you to increase your fleet with new types of Sand-Cruisers with different abilities, to upgrade and customize them with different strategical combinations of Ship Systems, which will be really helpful for both single player and player versus player battles that you'll face in the world of Sandstorm: Pirate Wars.
What are the missions?
Through the single player campaign several characters will assign you missions that will help you discover the secrets of the Sandstorm: Pirate Wars world, to progress through the story and to discover new territories. These tasks and objectives range from a small personal favour to a hard, dangerous adventure and often will provide you with a great reward!
Where can I find additional side missions? I'd like to earn some extra bolts!
Explore the world and find taverns, their crew use to be a good source of side missions. Some of them may be too risky, but make sure that the great reward for completing them will deserve it! These rewards will be key to improve your fleet.
An enemy ship is approaching! Can I jump into a hay cart to avoid the fight?
Uh… nope, that’s from another game! You can’t hide in hay carts in Sandstorm: Pirate Wars! However sometimes you can avoid some battles depending on the event. Some ships approaching will give you the possibility to bribe them for safe passage, or even avoid the fight by giving them an object or passenger you're transporting, so you'll have to decide what's the best option there.
Where can I repair my Sand-Cruiser? Its Ship Health Bar is almost empty!
Ships can only be repaired in the hangars available in some cities, so be careful with advancing a lot in the map without repairing or changing your ship, since it loses a bit of Ship Health with each battle.
How can I earn Bolts?
By completing missions in the single player campaign, defeating other players in player versus player battles or exchanging them for Power Cells.
Where can I earn Power Cells?
You can earn some of them in certain spots of the single player campaign, in community give aways that we’ll make from time to time, in community contests or in the shop available in the top right corner of the game screen.
Can I play without an internet connection?
No, an internet connection is required to play. The data for Sandstorm: Pirate Wars is stored on Ubisoft's servers so that you can transfer your account to other iOS devices, save automatically your progress in the cloud, connect with other players, and participate in the ever changing and expanding world. Without the internet the Sandstorm: Pirate Wars experience would not be possible.
Can I sign into Game Center or Google Play after playing anonymously?
Yes, you can sign into a Game Center or Google Play account after playing with an anonymous account. If you save a game on your Game Center or Google Play account, this will replace your anonymous 
Can I continue my progress on another device?
To access your Sandstorm: Pirate Wars saved data on another iOS or Android device, you simply need to sign into Game Center or Google Play with the same account. You'll instantly have your old data back, however you must remain signed in with the same Game Center or Google Play account to have access to your data. Game progress can only be transferred within the same platform (e.g. iPhone to iPad, but not iPhone to Samsung Galaxy).
Who do I contact if I need help with the game?
Please send us a ticket to our Customer Support team to report us confidentially any type of issue you experienced in the game, including bugs, glitches, possible cheats or exploits, etc.
These reports are really helpful because they help us to improve the game, something that we love. Please elaborate them as much as possible, sometimes small details are key to help us investigate your case and to solve the issue.
I have some ideas to improve the game, how can I send them to you?
We are always open to consider your ideas and suggestions to keep improving the game over time to make sure you’ll love it even more.
We suggest you to post them the official forums because it will be easier for you to elaborate them and discuss about it with other fans, but you also can send us your ideas to our Sandstorm: Pirate Wars Twitter and Facebook official accounts. And remember to follow them to get the latest news!

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