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Game crashes to the desktop


Freedom randomly crashes to the desktop while playing or in the menu screens.


  • Have you updated your system's drivers?
    Crashes usually indicate outdated or incorrectly loaded drivers. Please visit your sound, video, and 3D card manufacturer's websites for the most recently available drivers for the components in your system. Once you have downloaded and installed these drivers according to the manufacturer's suggestions, download and install DirectX from For more help with this, please search the Red Storm Database for how to update drivers. is also a very good source of driver related information.

  • Is your video card / 3D card supported for the game? to see if your 3D card is one of the supported chipsets.

    • If it is supported -
      Get the latest reference driver available from the chipset manufacturer (Voodoo 1/2/3/Banshee at and Riva 128/TNT/TNT2 chipsets at

    • If your video card is not a supported one -
      Since Freedom requires a 3D card, you will need a supported 3D card installed in your system before running Bang successfully.

  • Do you have an Nvidia GeForce based video card? If so, search the Red Storm Database for GeForce to find updated troubleshooting information. Another good source of GeForce / TNT / TNT2 related information is available from, a user-lead site with in depth Nvidia video card information.

  • Do you have an ATI Rage Pro based video card and a PCI sound card?
    If so, there is an issue with these cards and PCI sound cards. Please contact ATI's Technical Support for help if you own this combination of Video / Sound cards.

  • Have you tried running the game from the executable?
    Instead of starting the game from the start menu or the Autorun menu, try running the game from the executable file in the game's installation directory (Freedom.exe). The default installation directory is a folder in c:\Program Files\Red Storm Entertainment\Freedom\

  • Have you closed all programs running in the background?
    1. reboot the PC
    2. Once you are back to Windows, press ctrl-alt-del.
    3. From the "Close Program" window that opens, the only two items that should appear in this list are Explorer and Systray.
    4. To temporarily disable all other programs, highlight the first item in the list and click end task.
    5. Continue this process until you have closed all programs except Explorer and Systray.
    6. Start the game again.

  • Have you performed standard maintenance on your PC?
    • Run Scandisk
      1. Click Start->Programs->Accessories->System Tools
      2. Select Scandisk
      3. Select your hard drive. If you have more than one, you should scan each drive individually.
      4. Click Standard
      5. Check Automatically fix errors.
      6. Click Start

    • Run Defrag
      1. Click Start->Programs->Accessories->System Tools
      2. Select Disk Defragmenter
      3. Select the hard drive you wish to defrag and click ok.

    • Remove files from the temp directory
      1. Reboot the PC
      2. Once back in Windows, Right-click My Computer
      3. Left-click Explore
      4. From the right pane of Windows Explorer, double click C:\
      5. Double-click the Windows Folder, then find and double click the TEMP folder.
      6. Remove all files from this folder.
      7. Restart the Computer
      8. Empty the Recycle bin and run the installation again.

  • Have you properly uninstalled and reinstalled the game?
    1. Uninstall the game by clicking uninstall from the Start menu, the Autorun menu, or from Windows Add/Remove programs.
    2. Explore your hard drive for the game's installation folder - by default, it is in c:\program files\Red Storm Entertainment\Freedom
    3. Delete this folder, then empty your recycle bin
    4. reinstall the game.

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