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Configuration Recommendations


Before setting up the game, you should first follow these steps to ensure your HDTV system is optimized for Rocksmith:

1. Follow the Display Lag Correction instructions found in the in-game manual.
2. Make sure your PlayStation 3 system is set to match your TV's native resolution (e.g., 1080p, 720p, etc.) and your TV is set to match your console's native resolution.
3. If your TV has a PC or Game mode, select it. (For more information, check your TV’s manual.)
4. If your TV does not have a PC or Game mode, access your TV's Options menu, disable image scaling, and turn off all processing effects.


We do not recommend using HDMI as your primary sound source. If you are experiencing lag and are using HDMI for audio, try switching to Component cables.

Alternately, you can use a PS3 Composite Cable (shown below) or an Optical cable with an external audio source like speakers, headphones, stereo, or home theater system. If HDMI is your primary sound source, we recommend that you do not use your TV's speakers for sound.

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On some older audio receivers, using optical cables may introduce some sound latency as the surround system takes time decoding the digital audio signal. Depending on the speed of the decoder, this may be a significant amount. Use the analog audio connections (the red and white connectors) and plug them directly into the receiver’s audio input.

On the PS3, you can use the composite video cable or component video cable that comes with the console to use as the analog audio cables. Then, in the PS3 XMB, go to Audio Settings > Audio Output Settings > Audio Input Connectors/SCART/AV MULTI to use the analog audio while using HDMI for video.

A good way to tell if there's an audio delay being introduced by the 5.1 receiver is to go to the PS3 XMB or Xbox Dashboard and press B or any other button that has an audio confirmation of the button press. If you’re hearing a delay between when you press the button and the audio feedback, your audio setup has latency.

On the PS3, you can also try hooking up the audio cables to a set of external speakers (i.e. computer speakers) and use the HDMI or optical cables to your current audio setup. Then, in go to PS3 XMD: Audio Settings > Audio Multi-Output > set to On

Once you have the Multi-Output set to On and navigate around the menu, if you hear two clicks each time you move (first click coming from the external speakers you hooked up with the audio cables followed by a click from your receiver speakers or TV), it means that your receiver/TV setup has audio lag. Using analog connections is the recommended way of reducing the lag.

Still unsure about your setup? Want to know the latest from the Rocksmith crew on how to best calibrate your system? Visit rocksmith.com/setup for more information.

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