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XIII v1.01 Patch

XIII 1.01 patch

Patch download mirrors:

Click here to download the XIII v1.01 Patch - Ubi.com

The patch includes

- new boot up screens

- "You in the Game" . New ingame character in single player. A new winner from the XIII "You in the game" competition is featured in the single player part of the game.

- clarify saved game situation:

XIII uses a checkpoint based save system. You can save your progress at a checkpoint either though the ingame menu or by using a keyboard shortcut. During the solo adventure, press F5 to save the game at the last crossed checkpoint. Press F9 to load this particular saved game.

- In game information has been changed to reflect more accurately the way the save system actually works.

- multiplayer sabotage mode

- fix the bug that occurs when changing team at the end of a game.

- single players missions

- various bug fixes in a few levels (collision related)

- various stability issues on Win2K/XP systems.

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