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Chess Engine Optimization

Please follow these suggestions to optimize game engine performance:


1. Make sure you run as few programs as possible while playing Chessmaster.  The more background programs you have loaded in Windows, the less processing power your system will have to make moves within the game. 


2. Use as few child windows as possible.  Some of the windows that open within the game can take up a decent amount of CPU time due to either their visual updates or because they might cause a mentor engine instance to be launched. 


3. Do not activate the blunder alert feature in the Training Mode.  This feature will also launch a mentor engine instance to watch your game. 


4. Do not switch to other game modes, or access other game features or dialogs while running a game, and try to avoid adjusting game settings in the middle of the game.  Some of these features/dialogs will actually restart any chess engines that may be associated with the current game, causing that memory that these engines has allocated to be destroyed.


5. In the "Piece Movement" tab of the Sound dialog, select "No Sounds."  This will prevent the program from taking up a significant portion of time queuing up and playing piece movement sounds.

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