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Connection Issues

If you are receiving connection issues, start by testing your Xbox Live connection with the following steps:
1. Start at the Xbox 360 dashboard.
2. From the My Xbox menu, scroll to the far right to System Settings.
3. Choose Network Settings.
4. Select your connection type (wired or wireless).
5. Choose Test Xbox Live connection.
If this test shows your connection as either moderate or strict then you most likely have some sort of interference within your connection to Xbox Live. In this case, please try the steps below:
1. Restart your network hardware. Turn off your Xbox 360, modem and router and wait 15 - 30 seconds.
2. Fully power up your modem.
3. Fully power up your router.
4. Turn on your Xbox 360 and test the Xbox Live connection again.
If you still have trouble then you may have a firewall interfering with your connection. Please configure the following network ports and enable UPnP through your router.
Xbox Live Required Ports
UDP: 53, 88, 3074
TCP: 53, 80, 3074
Far Cry 4 Required Ports
TCP: 80, 443
UDP: 9000, 21120

Directions for configuring network ports are specific to the software and hardware being used, and can be found by visiting the manufacturer's website.
Please visit https://support.ubi.com/en-US/faqs/000024619 for more information.
If the issue persists, please try clearing your system cache. The system cache contains temporary files that are used by the Xbox 360 console, and clearing these files may fix the problem.
1. Starting at the Xbox 360 dashboard, press the Xbox guide button.
2. Scroll to the far-right and choose System Settings.
3. Choose Storage.
4. Highlight your hard drive and press Y for Device Options.
5. Select Clear System Cache.
6. Restart your console.
The Xbox 360 console also stores temporary files for the Xbox Games store. If you're experiencing any download issues, they may be resolved by deleting the Marketplace System Data file.
1. On your console, go to Settings and select System.
2. Select Storage, and then select your primary storage device.
3. Select System Items.
4. Select Marketplace System Data.
5. Select Delete.
6. Restart your console.
7. Try to buy or download the item again.
If this does not solve your problem, try placing your Xbox 360 in the DMZ of the router or establishing a direct connection to your modem and retry.

If you continue to have trouble, please submit a support ticket. 
Please include a full description of your problem, any error messages you may have received, and the following images:  
-Your port forwarding / virtual server configuration, which will allow us to view the ports and your network IP.
-Your device's network configuration, showing the Manual (Static) IP you are using.

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