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3D Stereoscopy Modes

Here’s a summary of the different 3D modes supported in Shaun White Skateboarding:

• Top-Bottom – works on almost all recent TV models, the new industry standard for 3D.
• Left-Right (also known as side by side) – 3D mode available on some TVs, normally Top-Bottom is also supported on such TVs and preferred over left-right.
• Line-Interlaced – 3D mode available on older TV models and projectors.
• Checkerboard – 3D mode available on older TV models and projectors.
• Sensio – proprietary format available on very few TV models for now, it is basically a side by side with a checkerboard algorithm to preserve image quality.
• Red-Cyan – Anaglyph mode using 2 different colors, works on any TV (even non 3D). The advantage is that it only requires cheap red-cyan glasses to work but it gives average results especially when the image contains lots of red or blue.

Make sure your TV supports at least one of the modes listed above and activate it on the TV once the 3D mode has been set accordingly in game (video options from the main menu). You'll also need the appropriate glasses that came with your TV to enjoy the 3D effects of the game.

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