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Auto-renewal system for the Just Dance Unlimited subscription


If I purchase a Just Dance Unlimited subscription, will the subscription auto-renew once it expires or will I need to purchase a new one?


If you purchase a Just Dance Unlimited subscription on Xbox One, Wii U or Nintendo Switch, an auto-renewal option is not available. Once the subscription ends, you will need to purchase an additional one in order to restore access to the Just Dance Unlimited content. 

If you purchase a subscription to Just Dance Unlimited on PS4, auto-renewal will be activated by default. If you wish to disable it, navigate to the following:
[Settings]>[Playstation Network/Account Management]>[Account Information]>[Services List]

Locate your Just Dance title from the list and then select the subscription you purchased. Select Cancel Automatic Renewal to disable the auto-renewal feature.

If you change your mind later and decide you would like to re-enable it, you can navigate back to the same screen and the Cancel Automatic Renewal button will now say Restart Automatic Renewal. Select Restart Automatic Renewal and you're all set!

Please note that a one year subscription will not have an option to auto-renew.

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