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Content of Watch Dogs: Legion editions


What is included in my edition of Watch Dogs: Legion?


Below is an overview of the content included in each of the available game versions:

Standard Edition
• Watch Dogs: Legion (Game).
Gold Edition
• Watch Dogs: Legion (Game).

UPLAY+ Edition
• Watch Dogs: Legion (Game). Ultimate Pack (except VIP Status).
Ultimate Edition
• Watch Dogs: Legion (Game).

Collector's Edition
• Watch Dogs: Legion (Game).
• Ded Coronet Mask figurine.
• Instant access to the Ded Coronet Mask in-game.
• Double-sided propaganda poster.
• Set of three stickers.
• Exclusive Steelbook.
• Collector box.

Please note that the following content may also be available in some retailer-specific editions:
• Winston keyring.
• London Dissident Pack.
• Lynx + VIP Status (1 week).

Check with your retailer before purchasing as content might vary depending on your region.

For more information about the content or to purchase the game itself, please visit the Ubisoft Store.

*Exact details on Stadia Watch Dogs: Complete Edition will be shared at a later date.
As Watch Dogs: Complete Edition is already available to UPLAY+ subscribers, this will not be included in the Ultimate edition of Watch Dogs: Legion available on UPLAY+.

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