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Redeeming E3 2019 demo rewards


How will I receive the rewards earned for playing a Ubisoft demo at E3 2019?


Thank you for joining us during E3 2019!

If you played one or more of our demos and had your QR code scanned, you will receive a pack of rewards from Ubisoft.

Please note that you will only receive one pack, even if you have participated in several demo sessions.

The rewards pack will be automatically added to your account - stay tuned for more updates!

Each individual reward will be available across all platforms you play the game on.

Note that rewards cannot be transferred between accounts, given away or sold to anyone.

Don't worry if your QR code was not scanned in the queue.

Provide us with a copy of your E3 ticket and we will be happy to look into it!

If you find that you have already bought one of the rewards using Club Units, get in touch with us, providing a copy of your ticket for investigation.

Feel free to contact us if you encounter any issues with this operation or have any other questions!

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