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Contents of the Marching Fire Expansion

Available from 16th October 2018, the Marching Fire Expansion will breathe new life into the ongoing war between Factions!

Owners of the Expansion will receive:
•  Access to the brand new Arcade Mode.
•  Two-week early access to the four new Heroes of Wu Lin Faction.
Tiandi of the Wu Lin Faction (Marching Fire)
Tiandi of Wu Lin

Nuxia of the Wu Lin Faction (Marching Fire)
Nuxia of Wu Lin

Jiang Jun of the Wu Lin Faction (Marching Fire)
Jiang Jun of Wu Lin

Shaolin of the Wu Ling Faction (Marching Fire)
Shaolin of Wu Lin

Each of the new Heroes can be unlocked for 15,000 Steel.

Please note that the above content is attached to the primary account and cannot be shared with any sub-account.

If you would like to know more about the Marching Fire update, please visit our official For Honor website or get in touch.

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