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Gameplay Questions


Who is Rockules?
Rockules is the Lead Guitarist, forming a killer band to take on the Rock Gods. Tap the screen and Rockules strums his guitar!

Who are the Bandmates?
Rockules can’t take the Rock Gods on alone! Recruit other mortals to make up a band capable of defeating the Rock Gods in musical combat. Bandmates do automatic damage over time, even when the game is closed.

Who are the Rock Gods?
In the olden days, mortals worshipped the Rock Gods and their awesome tunes. Time has passed and the mortals have all but forgotten them. Now the Rock Gods are back, and have challenged Rockules and the mortals to an epic battle of the bands.

How do I progress?
Defeat monsters to earn gold, spend that gold to level up your band. Reach new mythical locations, upgrade your stage, face off against the Rock Gods and rock their faces off!

How do I use the different tabs?
There are four tabs at the bottom of the screen.
Rockules tab (Yellow):  This tab focuses on Rockules and his strum damage. From here you can see Rockules’ stats, level him up, as well as unlock his Abilities and Outfits.
Bandmates tab (Blue):  This tab is where you manage your band. From here you can unlock new Bandmates, level up current Bandmates, and see your total DPS (damage per second) as well as what percentage each Bandmate contributes. Tap on a Bandmate’s image to see a more detailed breakdown.
Encore tab (Green):  Open this tab when it’s time to Encore or upgrade your stage. You can see your Fanbase and the gold bonus they earn here, as well as your Stage Upgrades and their damage boosts and unique perks.
Merch tab (Purple):  This is where you go to purchase Platinum Records, or spend them on Power-Ups. You can also purchase a third Power-Up slot from this tab.

What does it mean to Encore?
As you conquer more and more Gigs on your tour, monsters will get tougher and take longer to defeat. At some point you’ll have to decide whether it’s smarter to Encore than to keep going at a slower pace. Performing an Encore takes Rockules back to Gig #1, and also resets all levels, bandmates, and skills. But in exchange, you’re awarded FANS! This will help you progress even further on your next tour!

What are Fans?
Every time you perform an Encore, you earn more Fans. The further you are when you Encore, the more Fans you get. Each Fan boosts the gold you earn by 1%, so collecting them can really help you go further in your tour. Don’t be afraid to sell-out though! Selling out means sacrificing Fans for Stage Upgrades which give permanent damage boosts and other perks.

What are Abilities?
The 3 slots on the bottom left are for Abilities. These can be unlocked and leveled up in the Rockules tab (yellow). They supercharge Rockules and his Bandmates, but have a cool-down between uses.

What are Power-Ups?
Power-Ups can be purchased in the Merch tab (purple) or awarded in various areas of gameplay. They are one-time use items that help you in a variety of ways.
How can I learn what each Power-Up does?
You can see what each Power-Up does by opening the Merch tab (purple) and looking at the Power-Up descriptions.

How do Power-Up Slots work?
The 3 slots on the bottom right are reserved for your Power-Ups. If your slots are full when you receive a new Power-Up, it will be used automatically. The third slot can be purchased in the Merch tab (purple)!

How do Headliner Battles work?
The final monster of every gig is a Headliner. When you battle a Headliner a timer appears, and you must defeat them before the timer runs out. If you fail to defeat the Headliner, you can continue fighting monsters, earning gold and improving your band until you’re ready to try again. Just tap the FIGHT button to face off against the boss once more. Every 5th Headliner is a Rock God!

What is the Golden Fleece?
The Golden Fleece is no ordinary monster! Defeating a Golden Fleece earns significantly more gold!

What are Level Thresholds?
Every 25 levels Rockules and/or the Bandmates get special boosts. Reaching new level thresholds is a great way to get stronger even faster.

Can I buy multiple Rockules/Bandmate levels at once?
Yes! While leveling up Rockules or the Bandmates in their tabs, the multiplier button in the top right corner can switch purchases to 10, 100 or the maximum affordable levels at one time. It’s a great way to spend your gold faster!

What are the Quick-Buy buttons?
Those little circles on the left side of the screen with Rockules and Bandmates’ faces inside! Tap them to conveniently level up Rockules or the most recently leveled Bandmate without having to open the tabs.

What are Outfits?
In the Yellow Rockules tab you can press the ‘Outfits’ button to equip Rockules with unique outfits, instruments, and hairstyles. Each outfit piece also comes with a permanent stat-boost for Rockules! Outfit items can be purchased with Platinum Records and unlocked through gameplay.

What are Awards?
Certain accomplishments will earn you Platinum Records. Check what Awards you’ve unlocked and your progress towards others by tapping the trophy icon at the top left.


What is Gold?
Defeating monsters awards gold, and gold can be spent on leveling up Rockules and his Bandmates, as well as purchasing Abilities.

What are Platinum Records?
Platinum Records are a more valuable currency used to purchase Power-Ups and Outfits. They can be purchased from the Merch tab (purple), or collected in-game from the Satyr.

What is The Doubler?
Tapping the television icon at the top right will let you watch an ad and double the gold you earn for 4 hours! What a deal!

What is a Rewarded Video?
You can watch a Rewarded Video to gain Platinum Records or Gold Coins. 

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