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Technical Troubleshooting for Hungry Shark Evolution

Why isn't my device compatible?    
As you can imagine there are thousands of different devices in the world. We are doing our best to make our apps playable on as many of them as we can. However as each device operates differently it is unfortunately impossible for us to support them all. Please be patient, but also understand that we cannot guarantee if you’ll ever be able to play them on the device that you currently own.

Can I transfer my data between different devices?  
If your new and old devices are both on the same Operating System (O.S.) you can use Cloud Save to transfer data. Operating Systems include iOS, Android, Windows, or Amazon-Android. Unfortunately you can't make a transfer between different O.S, e.g. between Android and iOS.
The game gave me an error message saying that it couldn't save on usb or SD card, what does that mean?    
Don't worry, there's an easy fix! This seems to be a problem with Google Play, please try this:
Go to settings - storage - then remove the SD card - then install the app - then reinsert SD card again.
If this doesn't help, there are many guides on how to remedy this issue available if you search the term ""couldn't install to SD card android"".
I didn’t get the items I bought. Can you help me?    
That's so annoying! If you're an Android user, we may be able to get you a refund, or if you use cloud save, we might be able to give you your well-deserved items or currency in-game! 
We're afraid that if you are an iOS, Amazon, or Windows user, we won't be able to give you a refund. However, we might be able to help by looking into your save file if you use Cloud Save. It would help us out a lot if you could provide your Cloud save ID along with the receipt of your purchase.

I didn’t get my reward after participating in an event. What should I do?    
We are sorry to hear that. Please make sure to check if the event is still active or not in the in-game events tab, then restart your game and your internet connection. If you still don't see your reward, please contact our sharky support team with your Cloud Save ID, the name and date of the contest. We will do our best to solve your issue!

Where can I find my Cloud Save ID?    
To find your Cloud Save ID, press on the small cog on the start up screen. Then select the "Options" button. On the bottom of the screen, you will see your Cloud Save ID. Screenshot this and add it in your Support ticket and we will take care of your problem.

How do I get a refund?   
Sorry to hear that you have bought something in the game that you're not happy with. We might be able to help you depending on your Operating System (OS). Please follow these guidelines to know more!
Google Android - Please contact our support team with the reason you need a refund, and a screenshot of your Google play receipt or the Gmail email address used to make the purchase. Refunds can take 5 to 7 business days and are given on a one time only basis. We reserve the right to refuse if the request is unreasonable or unlawful.
Apple iOS - We have no control over refunds on Apple devices, sorry! To get a refund from Apple, follow these steps:
1. Launch iTunes on either your Mac or PC and open the iTunes Store.
2. Sign in with your iTunes account.
3. Click on 'See All' under the Purchase History to find your invoice.
4. Open your invoice and click on 'Report a Problem' next to the specific app purchase in question.
5. You'll be routed to iTunes Web. Simply sign in again to see the list of your recent purchases.
6. Click on Report a Problem one more time and select the reason of your refund request, then click on 'Submit'.

Windows & Amazon - We don't have the ability to refund Windows or Amazon device in-app purchases. The best course of action is to contact the support teams for Windows or Amazon directly as there is no automated service for in-app purchase refunds.

All of my progress is gone. How can I recover my data?   
We're sorry to hear about that. Did you save your progress in the Cloud before? It is the best way to keep it safe if you switch devices or uninstall the game, as without the Cloud Save you will inadvertently reset all progress made locally, including in-app purchases. If you are switching devices, make sure to screenshot your Cloud Save ID in the 'Options' menu to prevent any loss.
Something that often works is:
1. Turning wi-fi settings to off
2. Restart your device
3. Launch Hungry Shark Evolution and activate Cloud Save (see: ""How do I use Cloud Save?"" FAQ)
4. Then try this exact method with your wifi settings turned on.

If this doesn't work, please contact our support team and we'll see what we can do.

How do I use Cloud Save?   
Make sure you enable Cloud Save to keep your game progress saved!
1. Make sure you are connected to the internet.
2. Ensure you have downloaded the latest version of the game.
3. Tap on the cloud icon on the top right corner of the start screen to use the ""Enable Cloud Save"" option.
4. If you play on Android, login to your Google Play account and tap on ""Enable"" to link your progress to the account.
If you play on iOS, login to your Facebook account to link your progress to the account.
5. If the game finds multiple saves, it will ask you to choose which one you want to keep. Be careful when making your choice as it will erase the alternative progress option.
6. You will see a green tick on the cloud icon indicating your progress is saved online.
7. When logging into a new device of the same OS, simply sign into your account and repeat the steps above.

If Cloud Save is not working, please contact the support team and we'll see what we can do.

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