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Sandstorm: Pirate Wars - Combat and Customisation FAQ

How do I win a battle?
Attacking a Sand-Cruiser reduces its Ship Health Bar. The first ship to lose all Ship Health is defeated. Alternatively, a ship is also defeated if all of its Systems are destroyed during the battle.
Where can I check the Ship Health of each Sand-Cruiser while fighting?
The Ship Health Bar of the enemy is located in the top right corner of the screen and yours in the bottom left corner, so check them often to follow the progress of the battle.
How do I control my game in combat?
Your Sand-Cruiser has both defensive and attack-related Systems. Using them drains a certain amount of Ship Energy, which is automatically generated by the Sand-Cruiser. Manage your Ship Energy intelligently by activating Systems in a tactical way. To use a Ship System or a Ship Booster you’ll need to select their icon and often, depending on the type of System activated, select the enemy System you want to attack.

But what’s a Ship Booster?
A Ship Booster is a special skill ranging from temporary enhancement of a System to the conversion of all battle drones into kamikazes. Be strategic and take your Boosters into consideration when configuring the Systems of each Sand-Cruiser. Each type of Sand-Cruiser has a different Ship Booster, and, when upgraded to a certain level, they can have more than one! There’s an element of chance involved too, as after you use one of your ship’s Boosters, the next is chosen at random, so your enemy will always be caught by surprise! Remember, you’ll need to wait until a Booster has charged before you can use it, and this can take a while, so time it carefully.
Why can’t I select some Ship Systems?
Systems may be damaged from enemy attacks (repair them as soon as possible!) or may require more system energy to activate than currently available (in this case you’ll need to wait a little until the ship generates more energy).
What? The enemy defeated me even if my systems are repaired!
Be careful! While fighting you can repair the Ship Systems, but not the Ship Health. You only can repair the Ship Health of your Sand-Cruiser in the hangars you'll find in most cities.
What does Shield Piercing mean? Can I damage an enemy ship when they are using a shield? 
Shields can protect Sand-Cruisers from most attacks, but weapons with Shield Piercing abilities can penetrate shields and damage the ship. They tend to be the most physical weapons, like Mini-guns or Cannons. You can identify a Shield Piercing weapon by tapping the System twice when in a Hangar, which will display the info pop-up.
What if the enemy is using Flares? Which kind of weapons can be blocked by them?
Flares block some weapons such as Cannons and Rockets. You can identify which weapons are intercepted by flares by viewing the info pop-up accessed by tapping the System twice when in a Hangar.
Why can't I release more Battle Drones? I'd like to deploy more Battle Drones at the same time!
Each Sand-Cruiser has a maximum number of Battle Drones that can be deployed at the same time. You can increase this number by leveling up your Sand-Cruiser in a hangar.

Why is my score on the Leaderboard different from my League Points?
Whereas the Leaderboard records overall score in the game, Leagues are run weekly, and are reset once a week. At the beginning of each weekly League you will receive bonus League Points, the value of which depends on your previous performance in the League.The Leaderboard and League rankings have different scoring systems. The Leaderboard scoring system takes into consideration the scoreboard point difference between the battling players, while the League system is more focused on the level difference between the Ships in battle and the players’ League divisions.

What does Shield Piercing mean? Can I damage an enemy ship when they are using a shield? 
Shields can protect Sand-Cruisers from most attacks, but weapons with Shield Piercing (the ones with an orange or red icon in their bottom left corner) can penetrate them and damage the ship. They are the most physical ones, like Mini-gun or Cannon.
Which type of weapons aren't blocked Flares? A certain enemy is always blocking all my attacks!
Flares can block weapons with green and red icons in there bottom left corner, these are typically charge weapons.

How are battles in the Pirate Arena different from those in the rest of the game?
Battles in the Pirate Arena are fought between real players online - the player-vs-player aspect of the game. In the Pirate Arena you fight to earn League Points, which are necessary for promotion to higher weekly League divisions. Each division awards you with a progressively greater Battle Bonus after each PvP battle. Unlike in the single player campaign, you don’t need to wait for your Ship to be repaired after a battle as Pirate Arena encounters do not damage your Ship. Likewise, damage taken in the single player campaign isn’t taken into consideration in PvP battles. So you can play as many PvP battles in a row as you want without worrying about Ship repairs!
Why should I want to upgrade my Sand-Cruiser?
It makes your life easier, to upgrade your ship provides extra Ship Health, quicker Ship Booster loading time, higher maximum amount of simultaneous Battle Drones deployed and also increases the amount of available slots to install new Ship Systems in your ship.
How can upgrade my Sand-Cruiser?
Find a hangar in a nearby city, select the Sand-Cruiser you want to upgrade and you’ll see an upgrade button. It will require some bolts and some time, but you can accelerate it by using some Power Cells.
How can I customize my Sand-Cruiser?
You can customize Sand-Cruisers in Hangars. As you progress you’ll collect different Systems to install, allowing you to personalize and adapt your battle strategy. Additionally, in Hangars you can customize the appearance of your Sand-Cruisers with different skins and Ship Pieces.

How can I upgrade my Systems?
In order to upgrade Systems you’ll need a certain amount of Materials that can be gained by recycling the Systems you don’t need anymore. This option is available by tapping on the System in the Hangar. When recycled, each System type yields a different amount of each Material. Take this into consideration if you aren’t sure which System to recycle as you will require some Materials more than others for particular upgrades.
Why can’t I add some Ship Systems to certain Sand-Cruisers?
Both Sand-Cruisers and Ship Systems have a Tier. Ship Systems can only be installed on Sand-Cruisers with the same or higher Tier. In addition to that, consider that you should add Attack Systems to attack slots and Support Systems to support slots. And remember, you can always level up your Sand-Cruiser to unlock additional slots!
How can I get new Ship Systems for the ships?
When winning a battle, you’ll plunder the enemy and get some Ship Systems. Most of them will be available in nearby shops.
Can I upgrade the Ship Systems?
No, you can’t. You’ll need to replace them by better ones.

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