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Information about currency in Watch Dogs: Legion

There are four types of currency in Watch Dogs: Legion:

Tech Points
WD Credits

ETO is the in-game currency you can earn by doing various tasks throughout London. 

You can use ETO to purchase clothing and accessories at any of the clothing stores throughout London. Or you can purchase weapons skins and vehicle skins through your Team menu.

Tech Points can be found all over London. You can use these in the single-player campaign to unlock new gadgets and tech upgrades.  

Influence is used in Online Mode to recruit new Operatives, unlock new gadgets and upgrade your tech. You can earn Influence in Online Mode by completing daily and weekly challenges, increasing your Seasonal Rank or collecting weekly Hot Spots.

The premium in-game currency is WD Credits. They can be purchased through the in-game Store or through the Ubisoft Store

WD Credits can be used to buy items such as Prestige Operatives, DLC content and cosmetics bundles. 

You can see how much of each currency you have when you open the menu in-game:

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