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Difficulty settings in The Division 2


How can I adjust the difficulty in The Division 2?


Looking for a challenge? Try your hand at our Story, Normal, Hard, Heroic and, for the brave, Legendary difficulties. 

Once you complete any main missions, you can replay them on any difficulty.

To choose a difficulty:
•  Open your map.
•  Select the mission you would like to replay.
•  Hold down the Difficulty button
•  Select a difficulty from the menu.
•  Hold down the Select Difficulty button to begin.

You can also change the difficulty at every main mission location. Simply approach the entrance and select the Mission Options button.
By completing Warlords of New York and reaching Level 40, you can also unlock Legendary difficulty, Global difficulty and Directives

Legendary difficulty features some of the best loot drops available in-game and is available in the faction Strongholds:
•  Roosevelt Island
•  Capitol Building
•  District Union Arena

Global difficulty allows you to change and customise the difficulty of the entire in-game world.  

To change the Global difficulty and add Directives:
•  Open your map.
•  Hold down the Global Settings button.
•  Select the Global Difficulty or Global Directives option.
•  Choose the option you want to activate.
•  Hold down the Select button to save your changes. 
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You can also apply Directives to specific main missions:
•  Approach the mission entrance.
•  Hold down the Mission Options button.
•  Select Mission Directives.
•  Choose the option you want to activate.
•  Hold down the Replay button to save your changes. 
If you have any other questions, please get in touch.

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