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Becoming a Recruit in Growtopia

You can invite your friends and earn rewards in-game! In fact, the Mentor, Apprentice or Recruit are all eligible to get rewards!

Simply get your friends to join you in Growtopia, be their Mentor and convert them into a Growtopian!
How can I become a Recruit? 
Only new players can become Recruits.

After a Mentor has shared an invitation link with you, you need to follow the steps and download the app on iOS or Android. After you have logged in and completed the tutorial you are a Recruit. 

Can I become a Recruit for multiple Mentors? 
No, only new players can become Recruits for one Mentor. 

How can I become an Apprentice? 
You can become an Apprentice once the person who added you as a Recruit promotes you to Apprentice. 

What rewards do I get for being a Recruit? 
After completing the tutorial you and your Mentor will receive 100 Gems each.

You can get more rewards once you become an Apprentice.

Do not hesitate to let us know if you have any other questions! 

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