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Battle Rewards in Ghost Recon Breakpoint


What should I know about the Battle Rewards in Ghost Recon Breakpoint?


After careful consideration, we have decided to discontinue the Battle Rewards system, so that our developers can focus their efforts on other areas.

We will still provide you with opportunities to earn free, high-quality items alongside major updates to reward your engagement through things like Live Events and additions to Maria's shop for purchase with Skell Credits.

Our intention behind the Battle Rewards is to reward our players for playing the game. 

These Battle Rewards will mostly be cosmetic items. They will not provide any gameplay advantage. 

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Battle Rewards section in the Objectives Board

These rewards are free and unlockable through 50 tiers every 2 months. To unlock these rewards, simply complete Faction missions or Ghost War matches. 

Note that the Battle Rewards progression is not shared between your different save files. This means that you will have to unlock Tiers again on your other character.

All Faction missions give you Battle Points you can use to unlock Battle Rewards. You can earn 600 Battle Points per day and each tier is unlocked with a different amount of Battle Points.

Faction missions will be randomly generated on the different regions. The more you play the more you have chances to earn rewards!
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Tier Progression

Each Act will have milestone items that all players will get on that tier.

The items granted in-between, the Battle Supplies, will be randomly selected from a pool of 50 minus rewards you have already received and milestone items.

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Battle Supplies

You will not get duplicates and are guaranteed to get all 50 items if you reach each tier before the Act is completed

Only the Weapon Blueprints and Figures from each Battle Rewards Act will be made available for Skell Credits at a later date for players who were not able to reach those tiers at the time. The rest of the rewards will only be available during that Act.

Should you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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