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Performance Issues in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey

Our teams have optimised Assassin's Creed: Odyssey to run as smoothly as possible on various systems but if you experience performance issues (for example low framerate, screen freezing for a very short time, action slowed down) the following info may help you understand the root cause of the issue and correct the situation.

Please bear in mind that some environmental effects (rain, for example) or specific gameplay sequences (for example anything involving crowds of characters moving) can be more demanding than others. If you maxed out the capabilities of your system, some occurrences in the game might put too much strain on it and show performance issues as symptoms of the strain. If that is the case for you, try the steps below and give special attention to the ones involving a change of the graphics settings.

If the game suddenly seems to have performance issues although it ran ok before, you might just want to restart the game or the entire platform before you do anything more drastic. A restart will give the game a clean slate to run on and alleviate many issues.

Check the System Requirements
A good next step is to check the system requirements for the game. 
My system meets the minimum requirements:
The game will run smoothly with lower graphical settings but higher graphical settings will strain your system.

My system meets recommended requirements:
The game will run smoothly in the vast majority of cases but specific graphical settings and setup need a more powerful gaming system.

Basic troubleshooting
If the game doesn't run smoothly, we would advise you to try going through basic PC troubleshooting. Especially useful steps in this situation are
- updating the video card drivers.
- making sure your operating system is up to date.

Take advantage of the Benchmark
In the main menu of the game click on Benchmark to access the game's own Benchmark tool. It should allow you to fine tune your game's settings to get the most out of your system and the game.

Change the graphics settings
An easy way to boost performance is to tweak the display or graphic settings. To reach those, open the main menu, select Options, then click on the Display or Graphics tab.

There's a wealth of options for you to play with here, but we'll point out a few that may allow you to get higher FPS (frames per second). 
- If you are experience FPS drops, try a lower quality preset.
- You'll find the Resolution setting under the Display tab in the option menu. Try setting a lower one.

Lastly, try the Adaptive Quality setting. Assassin's Creed: Odyssey uses a Dynamic Resolution rendering technology that adjust the resolution on the fly to ensure a framerate as close as possible to the targeted one. This will help ensure a consistent FPS. You can set the baseline framerate by using the Adaptive Quality setting. You'll find this setting under the Graphics tab.

A lower number here might ensure a smoother experience if your system is close to the minimum system requirements.

Graphics settings with adaptive quality button

Don't hesitate to experiment with other settings under the Graphics tab: each has a different impact on performance, and you might find the perfect sweet spot for your system by tweaking different settings and testing them with the Benchmark tool

Keep an eye on the VRAM meter. When it is filled all the way, your system might be taken to its limits and struggle in some of the more demanding parts of the game. 

VRAM meter in graphics settings 


Contact us
If you meet the system requirements and have tried the previous steps but are still experiencing issues, please let us know. Note that for technical such as these, attaching a Dxdiag and an Msinfo to your tickets will allow our support team to better understand your situation. 

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