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Information You May Need To Know

Q: When will The Crew Wild Run launch?
A: The Crew Wild Run is now available.

Q: Who will be able to download this update?
A: All The Crew players on PS4, Xbox One and PC will have to download The Crew Wild Run update in order to be able to access the game again.

Q: How big is The Crew Wild Run update?
A: 8GB.

Q: How much should I download if I’m getting The Crew + The Crew: Wild Run?
A: The Crew represents 17GB, and The Crew Wild Run 8GB. You would need to download both.

Q: What happens if I don’t buy The Crew Wild Run expansion but I already have The Crew?
A: You will still have to download the main update (8GB) and will benefit from the graphical overhaul as well as the new dynamic weather feature for free.

Q: Will I receive all the new cars for free when I purchase The Crew Wild Run?
A: All of the new cars that are launching together with Wild Run will be purchasable for both in-game currencies, for both Wild Run owners and non-Wild Run owners. The new vehicles (other than cars) such as the Motorbikes or the extreme specs (Drift specs, Monster Trucks and Dragsters) will only be available for Wild Run owners in both currencies as well.

Q: Will the Trial be updated to match The Crew Wild Run new specificities?
A: Absolutely. The trial will be updated so players can get a taste of THE CREW WILD RUN with the graphic overhaul, the dynamic weather, and test the new extreme specs & the motorbikes! 

Q: Why can’t I access my extra game content on my secondary account?
A: All of The Crew content such as Car Packs, Season Passes and the new Wild Run expansion are not shareable.
The ULC content on PS4 is bound to specific PSN accounts and can’t be shared with other accounts on the same PS4 system.

Q: How does it work to access the updated trial version?
A: Users can download and play The Crew Trial version. However, if you’ve played the Trial before, you will only have as much time remaining as you had before the Wild Run launch. If you’re completely new to the Trial version, you will have 2 hours of playtime on the Trial version.

Q: How big will the download now be for the Trial version?
A: Depending on if you’ve played and downloaded the Trial version before, the same sizes as the full game apply. In other words, if you’ve never played or downloaded the Trial before, the size will be 25GB, if you already have the Trial version installed, you’ll need to install another 8GB patch.

Q: Will there be a new Season Pass for The Crew Wild Run?
A: There are no current plans for a new Season Pass.

Q: How will it work for vehicles coming out after The Crew Wild Run? How will I be able to purchase them?
A: Vehicles that are coming out starting in December will only be purchasable for Crew Credits, which is our premium currency, for both Wild Run and non-Wild Run owners. Restrictions for bikes and extreme specs of course still apply. Additionally, players will be able to win exclusive vehicles through the Summit competition.
Keep in mind that with the Summit, players will now be able to win Crew Credits which will help you to buy vehicles.

Q: Will I be able to see players that own the Wild Run in game?
A: Yes, you will be able to see Wild Run players, as well as Wild Run content such as bikes and extreme specs.

Q: Can The Crew Wild Run expansion be purchased from the in-game store with Crew Credits that I earn in game?
A: Crew Credits can be used only for in-game items.

Q: Will I be able to add the new specs to every car that I already own?
A: You’ll be able to purchase, or earn extreme specs, for cars that you currently own and have the ability to have the extreme spec in question.

Q: Will the wheels that are supported in the base game be supported in Wild Run as well?
A: Yes, and we are updating our list of wheels to include more recent wheels and have worked on the support for current wheels as well.

If you not able to find the answer for your query above, please contact our support team.

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