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Content creator program for Growtopia

The Growtopia Content Creator Program is our means of connecting with the creatives in our community.
Through this program we intend to show our appreciation and support for existing content creators. In addition, we want to encourage more players to create content and help them grow their platforms.

Maybe you are the next one to join? 

What we are looking for?
•  You must be 18 years of age or older.
•  You must be a community member with a positive attitude.
•  Your Growtopia game account (or accounts if you own multiple) with a good standing. 
•  Any associated account must have Advanced Account Protection enabled.
•  You need either an active YouTube, Twitch or Instagram account with at least 50% Growtopiarelated content and must meet one of the following minimum requirements for their channel. These minimum requirements need to be retained within 90 days upon acceptance to the program. 

•  3,000 subscribers and/or 3000 views per video on average
•  5,000 views in the past 30 days   
•  1 video about Growtopia per month on average 

•  50 concurrent viewers on average
•  4hours of Growtopia streamed in the past 30 days

•  300 likes on average per post
•  4 posts in total in the past 30 days
•  Your Social Media account must be compliant with the platform's Terms of Service.
•  Your content must not violate or promote the violation of Ubisoft Terms of Service.

How you can apply 
You must fill in and submit the Growtopia Content Creator Program Application. The Growtopia Team then will decide on the application within the next days. 

All content creators are invited to join, but all applications are subject for approval. The Growtopia Team will reach out to the Content Creator via mail and ask for their Discord Account if they pass.   

What are the perks

Exclusive communication 
You will receive access to the official Growtopia Discord Server and a dedicated Discord Content Creator Channel in order to communicate with the Growtopia Team.

Virtual currency   
You will receive in-game currency (gems) every month. Additionally, the Growtopia Team may reach out to you and ask you to create a specific piece of content for Ubisoft in exchange for an additional amount of Gems. 

Beta access 
You will get Beta access (at our discretion) to be able to create a content of upcoming and unreleased feature/s and/or item/s. 

Community Hub rotation 
You will be included in the on the Community Hub rotation in the game on a monthly basis.

YouTube playlist
If you're a Content Creator on YouTube, you will be added to a dedicated playlist on the official Growtopia YouTube channel.

Social Media Features 
Your content may be featured on the official Growtopia Social Media channels with a maximum of 3 features per week. Who will be featured is up to the Growtopia Team's discretion.

We aim to treat everyone equally but the content we'll feature will depend on the quality and quantity of the contents available.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any further questions!

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