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Gameplay Questions for Hungry Shark Evolution


Gameplay Questions for Hungry Shark Evolution


What is the goal of the game?

What is the goal of the game?
In Hungry Shark Evolution, you can take control of a very Hungry Shark and go on a frantic ocean rampage, surviving as long as possible by eating everything and everyone in your way! As you eat and progress through the game, you will unlock new sharks, fight a boss, and encounter even more creatures to chomp on. Explore a beautiful underwater world and evolve to iconic sharks like the Great White and Megalodon!

What is Gold Rush?
Scoring points fills up the Gold Rush bar at the bottom of the screen, so make the most of those multiplier bonuses awarded for eating streaks!

When thebar fills up to the top, it triggers a Gold Rush, filling up your health and making you invincible. During Gold Rush, you even get points for hitting the mines! Each shark has a different Gold Rush duration and takes a different amount of points to fill the bar up to 100%. Each time you trigger a Gold Rush, the bar fills up +7%, making it quicker to get the next one, up to a maximum of 50%.

Are there boss enemies?
The ocean is a dangerous place: you will encounter enemy sharks, submarines, paragliders, very rare giant versions of Kempybass, cage divers, fishing boats and more! Here are some tips to defeat the toughest ones:

•  Submarine: you just need to boost into the front window, but watch out for its torpedo attacks!
•  Enemy Sharks: there is an Enemy version of each playable hungry shark swimming in the levels. Wait for your Gold Rush to chomp on the biggest ones!
•  Paragliders: you'll need something to reach them in the sky! Equipping your shark with the Jetpack accessory should do the trick.
•  Fishing boats: As a small shark, you can boost out of the water and eat the fishermen in the boat. But if you have the Megalodon or bigger, you will eat the entire boat whole! It's a feast for the eyes!

How do I defeat the Crab Boss?
The Giant Enemy Crab is a massive crab boss living inside the Crab Lair on the left end of the main level. Defeating the Giant Enemy Crab will grant you coins and gems as reward, but be prepared as it is larger than most of the first sharks in the game. To defeat the Giant Enemy Crab, you have to dodge the attacks from the claws before its weak spot is exposed (flashes green). Once exposed, make sure to boost into it to cause damage.

The Giant Enemy Crab has 4 versions of different colours, and is much bigger and stronger every time. You may have to wait before the next version appears. The final boss is the Black Enemy Crab and it only shows up once the other crabs have been defeated. This last boss enemy can respawn and carries high rewards, but the respawn rate after defeating it is much lower. Try reaching a high score to increase the chances to find it!

Struggling to beat the last boss? Try the Crab Fork to deal double damage!
Please note; the Giant Enemy Crab isn't available on low-end devices.

Why can't I find mini levels and big enemies?
Unfortunately, certain content like the Giant Enemy Crab, the Portal and the biggest enemy sharks haven't been applied to low-end devices. This is because certain devices aren't powerful enough to support this extra content. We always work towards making the game available for everyone, but cannot always guarantee results. Thank you for your understanding!

What are the Missions and how to complete them?
Hungry for more? You can complete your shark missions to win loads of gold. Search for shells in the ocean to unlock your current shark's missions. You can view the missions available for your shark by tapping on the shell button when you play, or on the shark selection screen. Missions are varied: reach a high score, hunt for specific prey, or survive for a certain time with a specific score multiplier.

What is an event? How do I take part?
Unlike missions, events are challenges available for anyone to compete for, regardless of your current progression. There is a new event every few days and the objectives always change. To take part in the events and appear in the leaderboards, you will need to login to Cloud Save. You will be asked to equip a specific shark or item and your score will display in the public leaderboard. Your event score displays at the bottom of the screen during a game session. You can know more about the active event by tapping on the green button on the right of your start screen. The timer below the button shows you how long you have left before the contest ends.

How do the portals work?
Sunken magic portals can get you to exotic places around the world to get extra points. There you will have a 3-minute timer which will deplete over time but can be replenished by eating local land and sea animals. If you die or run out of time, you will be returned to the main level with full health and boost.

The central portal will teleport your shark to the North Pole where a wrecked boat is caught in the ice. You can break into special icebergs and boat debris to open your way to new parts of the wreck and discover tons of awesome Easter Eggs! You will not be able to return to the wreck for 12 hours unless you buy an entry ticket in the shop for 10 gems. Entry tickets ignore the waiting time left and give you the possibility to enter the level again within the 12 hours following your previous run. You can carry up to 10 entry tickets at a time.

The eastern portal will teleport your shark to Shawaii, a tropical sea surrounding a giant volcano. You can enter Shawaii every 2 hours and eating Seal Pups will help you stay longer. Stay away from the volcanic lava jets and meteors coming from the sky!

What is the Sharknata?
The Sharknata allows you to get extra coins from the results screen when you finish a game. You'll need to reach a minimum time per run in order to unlock it. When you see it, tap on the Sharnata icon to watch an advert. Then, tap on the Sharknata to discover how many extra coins you won! You can also spend gems to retry.

How do I find all of the Sunken Treasure?
There are 15 sunken items hidden around the main level. Collect them for extra coins! The more you find, the bigger the reward.

You can purchase the treasure map in the shop to help you find the sunken items, but some are scattered in locations that may be difficult to reach when you have a low-level shark. Discovering and gathering all 15 sunken items is one of the first and best missions to accomplish in the game. It can be very useful when you want to accumulate points and beat high scores if gathered during gold rush!

How does the day and night cycle work?
There is no rest for fish lovers! The game features a Day and Night cycle which can affect some sharks' status. Day and Night cycles last 2 minutes before starting again. There are 4 different time stages: night, dusk, dawn and day. For example, the wereshark shifts into its wolf form at nightfall and until dawn. You can find more information about the wereshark in the 'What are the special sharks?' FAQ.

Can I play against my friends?
Hungry Shark Evolution is a single-player game but you can take part in live events to play against other players. You can also take a picture of your shark and share it with your friends!

Feel free to share your ideas about a multiplayer feature with our support team.

What is the shark shop and how do I use it?
It's time to evolve your shark! Tap on 'Evolve' on the start screen to open the shark shop. The shop is the central place to unlock new sharks, upgrade their stats and equip tons of cool items!

The first screen is the shark selection screen.
•  Swipe left or right to explore your shark collection and select the one you want to use.
•  Check your shark size and level.
•  Tap on your currency levels in the top right corner to open the 'Treasure tab' and buy coins, gems or watch ads for more.
•  Tap on 'Bite', 'Speed' or 'Boost' to upgrade your shark stats.
•  Tap on 'Missions' to check your missions achievements and shark information.
• Tap on 'Special Sharks' to open the Laboratory and play with one of the special sharks.
• Tap on 'Play' to select your shark.

The second screen is the items selection screen.
•  Swipe left or right to explore the items shop.
•  Tap on the item price below the icon to view the description and confirm the purchase.
•  There are different categories of items: accessories, gadgets, babies, maps, skins... See the relevant FAQs for more details.
•  Tap on the camera icon in the top left corner to open the photo mode. See 'Can I take photos and record gameplay?' FAQ for more details.
•  Tap on 'Play' to dive into the sea!

Can you tell me more about the sharks?
Hungry Shark Evolution features more than 20 playable sharks of different sizes and with various abilities, inspired by real sharks or lengendary monsters! Head to the shark selection screen to purchase new sharks and swipe through your collection.

Classic sharks - ramp up from the little reef shark to the most powerful sea monsters! The more your shark eats, the bigger it gets. Level up to level 10 to make the next shark available for coin purchase. From Great White onwards, you would need to take your latest shark out for one game session to unlock the next shark for gem purchase.Check the 'What are the classic sharks?' FAQ to know about each one of them!

Special sharks - Professor Kempstein is a rogue professor pushing the limits of science by experimenting on sharks, creating unnatural hybrids! You can unlock the Professor's laboratory after your first game. Unlike Classic sharks, you can buy special sharks in any order, no matter what your progression is, but you can't equip any items on them. Special sharks come with fantastic special powers but they don't grow like regular sharks. Once your game session ends, they return to their initial size. Tap on the "Special Sharks" icon on the bottom left of your Evolve Menu to open the lab. Check the 'What are the special sharks?' FAQ to know more about each one of them!

What are the classic sharks?
Ramp up from the little reef shark to the most powerful sea monsters!

•  Reef Shark - An entry level shark that prefers shallower waters and smaller prey, but still boasts a nasty nip.
•  Mako Shark - Known for its agility, the mako is faster and stronger than the reef shark. Can take on more aggressive prey.
•  Hammerhead Shark - The hammerhead is a cunning hunter. It has a ferocious bite and can grow to a large size.
•  Tiger Shark - Tiger sharks have colossal jaw power and are capable of surviving most enemy attacks.
•  Great White Shark - By far the largest and deadliest of the sharks. Feed him up to become a ten ton eating machine.
•  Megalodon - The size of a house with razor sharp teeth... the most ferocious predator to ever exist is back in the ocean.
• Big Daddy - A newly discovered prehistoric colossus.
•  Mr. Snappy - Quick and agile, this gentile gent is very charismatic, friendly and fun.
•  Alan, Destroyer of Worlds - Sent from another world to destroy Earth, but found a different place to belong. 
•  Moby Dick - A grey nightmare emerged from the seven seas. Moby Dick stuns all enemies around when bossing with a full boost bar and when landing.
•  Leo  - A prehistoric shark inspired by the skeleton of liopleurodon. Leo can smash through rocks and crawl on land without any penalties to health.
•  Nessie - This iconic diva uses portals to confuse sharks and humans alike! Opening a portal during Gold Rush triggers a Wormhole full of fish!
•  Sharkjira - An ancient monster awakened by radiation polluting the ocean. It can shoot laser beams, walk on land and crush everything in its path.

What are the special sharks?
Special sharks are shark hybrid experiments with special abilities!

•  Electric - Loosely based on the shockingly terrifying, prehistoric 'Scapanorhynchus Shark'. Special power: Electric Shock. Unlock it for coins by reaching 75000 points.
•  Sharkeleon - A hybrid between a shark and a chameleon, and a bit of a copycat too! Can absorb pyro, ice and electro shark abilities for 60 seconds and turn invisible. Unlock it for coins by reaching 200000 points.
•  Wereshark - Its wolf form increases its size and speed. Triggering Moon Rush increases its speed, but also decreases everyone else's speed. Eating the moon also gives you temporary immunity! Unlock it for coins by reaching 250000 points.
•  Ice Shark - Based on a creature that is rumoured to exist beneath the ice sheets of the moon Europa. Special power: Super Freeze Bath. Unlock it for coins by reaching 250000 points.
•  Natasha (Narwall) - The most athletic narwhal in the ocean, it can throw javelins and catch its prey from afar. She will also impale enemies as she swims around! Unlock it for coins by reaching 350000 points.
•  Robo shark - Using the latest technology, comes with built in jet thrusters! Special powers: Turns mines into missiles. Unlock it for coins by reaching 400000 points
•  Pyro shark - Summoned from the depths of a fiery volcano, it can fly through the skies and its fiery breath burns all in its path. Special powers: Dragon Breath, Flight and Meteor Storm. Unlock it for coins by reaching 500000 points
•  Ghost shark - This shark is pretty much invincible since it's already dead. It can pass through walls and won't take any damage from enemies. Be careful, it can take damage during the 'Ghoul Rush'. Unlock it for coins by reaching 750000 points.

What are the shark babies?
Baby sharks are equipped alongside your normal playable shark. Baby sharks can have different abilities and are controlled by AI. You can only equip one special baby shark at a time, but you can equip a regular baby shark and a special baby shark together. You can find them below:

•  Snowshark Baby - Don't trust its cute face, it is a cold blooded fish-slayer! Snowshark Baby fires carrots out of its nose every four seconds, freezing prey in its place!
•  Jira Chan - a baby shark following Sharkjira underwater to finish off your prey! It also helps you survive longer by giving you +45% stamina. Domo, Jira-Chan!
•  Lepreshark Baby - your new lucky charm! Equip it to raise the fish spawning by 25%, making it the perfect companion for long runs and high-score attempts.
•  Bat Baby - Who said vampires fear salt water? Bat Baby's victims leave a black mist. Bat Baby helps you survive longer with +15% food value bonus for every kill.
•  Lava Baby - Burn, baby! It protects your shark from fire explosives such as mines, torpedoes, and volcanic vents.
•  Zephyr Baby - It doubles how long your shark can boost for. Speedy!
•  Astro Baby - It reduces gravity, allowing your shark to jump higher out of the sea and stray airborne longer when used with the Jetpack accessory. And it can fly! If you're using a smaller shark, it also stops you from water pressure damage when swimming in deep water.
•  King Baby - it earns your shark an extra 50% Gold per game session.
•  Pirate Baby - a very classy pirate, with a thirst for gold! It turns edibles into gold, King Midas style! It won't have any effect during gold rushes though, don't be too greedy!
•  Flea Baby - Survive longer adventures with Baby Leo by your side! Equip it to get a bonus of +45% Stamina.

What are the accessories and gadgets?
Classic sharks can equip a variety of accessories and gadgets on five slots: fin, neck, nose, eye, and head. It means some accessories & gadgets cannot be equipped at the same time, so you can't wear an eye patch and a monocle, for example. Some items give you various points bonuses, extra speed, more gold or survivability, while others offer you unique and fintastic abilities. See some details below about a few of our gadgets:

•  Laser - It automatically shoots prey from a distance; once stunned, prey can be easily gobbled up. You also earn double points for eating stunned prey. You can combine it with the Jetpack accessory for deadly air-to-air and air-to-ground attacks!
•  Jetpack - It upgrades your shark's boost for longer thrusts. The power of thrust is linked to the shark's boost rate. You also get a 30% speed increase underwater when boosting. Complete 50 missions and it's yours for free! Air-to-air and air-to-ground attacks are rewarded with double points.
•  Shark Vortex - It does exactly what it says on the tin: it vacuums up the prey that can normally be eaten by the shark wearing it. The bigger the shark, the bigger the vacuum radius. Once the collar lights flicker, it's ready to be activated. Press the screen with another finger (as you would to boost) to activate the vacuum.
•  Sharkveillance - See the big picture with a zoomed out view of the action. Spot your prey from further away and plan ahead to make the most of your run!
•  Shark signal - Increase the number of babies you can equip! You can upgrade the shark signal up to level 3.

What is the Shark Week Pack?
Celebrate Shark Week in Hungry Shark Evolution! Every year, we partner with Discovery Channel to bring you the most incredible Shark Week items! Discovery Shark Week Pack 2019 offers the Puffy Baby granting you +10% speed, the Spike Mail giving you additional armour, as well as a Spike Thrower.

What do the different maps do?
Using maps in Hungry Shark Evolution can help you find what you're looking for! Maps are automatically equipped - each further Map purchase acts as an add-on to the Basic Map. Touch the Map Icon at the bottom left of the screen to pause the game and open the map.

•  Basic Map: A complete overview of where you can swim (or fly!) in the level.
•  Mission Map: Shows all the locations of where the uncollected Mission Shells are located for the shark you're currently playing as.
•  Treasure Map: Reveals the locations of all the Sunken Items. Also useful for showing the locations of special goodies when we run seasonal hunts!

What is a Skin and how do I get it?
It's time to pimp your shark! Skins are special accessories allowing you to change the appearance of your favourite sharks. Some skins, called Epic skins, offer a bonus when equipped.

You can buy normal skins for gold or gems, and Epic skins can be acquired within Starter Packs through direct purchase. Every pack includes gems, coins, a baby, and an Epic skin with a passive skill to help you boost your new shark! When acquired, scroll towards the end of the shop to find your skin and tap to equip or remove it.

What is Kraken and how do I get it?
Kraken is a hybrid cephalopod-shark. Its big mouth is surrounded by fierce tentacles that will get enemies into a lot of trouble.
Kraken will change colours when detecting the presence of enemy sharks. While boosting, it will take the shape of a giant drill that smashes everything. When in Gold Rush, it will transform into a saw of mass destruction. Devouring enough prey will unleash its special ability, discharging its two main tentacles as whips against enemies. And according to pirate records of yore, it will smash all boats getting in its way...

To get him you must unlock it in the Shark Store for 750,000 coins or 900 gems.

What is Baby Kraken and how do I get it?

It might look small, but the Baby Kraken can apply one hundred times its force with its tiny, evil tentacles! It will "face hug" enemy sharks and humans and grant you a bonus 45% stamina.
You can get Baby Kraken in the shop for 900 gems once you own Kraken.


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