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Gameplay Questions for Hungry Shark World


Gameplay Questions for  Hungry Shark World


What is the goal of the game?    
In Hungry Shark World, your goal is to rise through the ranks of the food chain. Eating makes your sharks stronger. Eating lots without taking damage gives you bonus points. The more you score points, the faster you can unlock new sharks, levels and accessories!

How can I defeat the Colossal Squid Boss?    
The Colossal Squid is the biggest monster in the ocean and is dead set on the destruction of anything in its path. It lives in its own lair on the World map and you can only battle it when the Squid Boss contest is active. It is the most difficult challenge to take on in the game... be prepared! You will need to defeat each one of its 'legs' in sequence, one by one. There are 8 legs with 3 sections each. Boost into the Squid Boss eye to expose the tentacles!

What is the benefit of collecting HUNGRY letters?    
There are six letters spread out throughout each level. They can be found almost anywhere and their locations change whenever you start a new game. Every letter you collect will give you some Gold and Points. The more you collect, the bigger the reward! Collecting all six letters makes you huge and able to eat everything for a limited time! If you're really struggling to find the letters, upgrade your map for each level to see their locations. Once you've collected the six HUNGRY letters, they will come back at different locations.

What is Gold Rush?    
See that bar at the bottom of the screen when you're in the sea? That's the 'Gold Rush' bar. Every time you earn points, that bar fills up a little bit. When it fills up to the top, you trigger 'Gold Rush' mode. Now you have a short window of time where everything you can eat turns gold and gives you coins. Also during a Gold Rush, you have infinite Boost! And to top it all off, you're also invincible for as long as it lasts. How amazing is that? Well worth it.

What is Mega Gold Rush?    
As a Gold Rush ends you will see a secondary bar appearing for a few seconds. This is the Mega Gold Rush bar! Each Gold Rush you trigger fills the Mega Gold Rush bar a little bit. Once the bar is full, you will trigger a full Mega Gold Rush!
Once triggered, you will get all the benefits of a Gold Rush but the fish turn dark gold and during this time, you can eat absolutely anything. Even stuff that's bigger than you!

I can't eat large enemies. Why?    
What you can eat is restricted by the size of your shark. Bigger sharks can eat more bigger things! You can find a list of what you can eat by tapping on the '?' icon next to the shark name.

Some prey will only be eaten after you have grabbed onto them for a short while. Sometimes more challenging prey will get away from you and will have to be grabbed again before being eaten.

If you're unsure as to what you can and can't eat, look out for the on-screen text messages telling you what size shark is required for any given situation.

Can I play against my friends?   
Hungry Shark World is a single-player game but you can take part in daily contests to play against other players in leaderboards. You can also take a picture of your shark and share it with your friends!
Feel free to share your ideas about a multiplayer feature with our support team.

What is the Score Multiplier?    
Eat to score points and trigger a Gold Rush! When you eat enough food within a short time frame, you gain a score multiplier. You can check the multiplier in the top left corner of the screen ('2X', '4X', etc). If you continue to eat enough food within short timeframes the multiplier will go higher and higher, earning you big points! Otherwise, the multiplier expires. See 'What is Gold Rush?' FAQ for more details on how to trigger Gold Rush.

What are Missions and how do I complete them?    
You can take on missions to get rewards of gold and gems. You will always have 3 missions available for you to complete. Explore the available missions by tapping on the first 3 buttons at the bottom of the World Screen. Some missions can only be completed on specific levels. Look at the mission information boxes on the right to know where to go, select the right location and dive in! Missions you cannot complete on the level currently selected will be greyed out, while missions you can complete on that level will be blue. Some of the mission types you'll encounter are reaching high scores, hunting for specific prey and survival time. Some have to be completed in a single go whereas others you can completed over several go's.

What are the Daily Contests and how do I take part?    
Compete in Daily Contests to win gold, gems and exclusive items! Tap on the trophy button at the bottom of the World Screen to open the Contests tab. From there you can see the 3 contests available per day, the time remaining to take part, the description of your mission, and the icon indicating which level or mini-level you need to go to. You can also tap on the "View prizes & Leaderboards" button to see the public leaderboards and available prizes per tier. The better you score, the higher the rewards!

How do I collect the Daily Chests?    
Find all the treasure chests daily to earn gold and other big rewards! Each main level has five treasure chests for you to find and open. The location of the chests resets every 24 hours regardless of how many you have opened. The more you collect per day, the bigger the reward. Buying the premium map will show you the locations of all the chests in the level.

How do I browse and buy things from the shark shop?   
The shop is the central place to unlock new sharks, upgrade their stats and equip tons of cool items!

The in-game store is on the first screen after you press the 'Play' button on the start screen. You will also return to the Shop screen every time you leave the results screen after playing. Finally, you can reach the shop by tapping the arrow labelled 'Shop' on the World Map Screen.
Tapping on the icons below your shark will open the six different shop categories.
- The Shark: Choose your character! Swipe left or right to explore your shark collection and select the one you want to use. Tap on 'use' to choose your shark.
- The Weight: Shark Upgrades. The shop screen will open to Shark Upgrades by default. Tapping one of the Upgrade buttons will increase the Speed, Bite, or Boost stat of your current shark.
- The Fish Bowl: Pets. This category displays all the pets you can equip to be stronger or use for unique passive abilities.
- The Jet Pack: Gadgets. Here you can buy gadgets, transforming your shark into a swimming machine!
- The Treasure Map: Maps. Purchase maps of the different levels to unveil the location of secret collectables!
- The Lightning Bolt: Power-Ups. Buy Power-ups to maximise your chances to complete missions and contests!
- The Coat Hanger: Accessories. Equip items to your shark to customise them! Tap on the Zipper icon to select a skin or tap on the various body icons to equip each part of your shark, improving your style and your stats!

Items in the shop cost Gold, Gems or real currency. Both Gold and Gems can be earned by playing or by purchasing a pack from the IAP menu (Accessed by pushing the '+' button on the top left). Some items in the shop will be locked until you have fulfilled a specific condition. This condition depends on the item and you can find this information by tapping the Lock button.

How do I use the pets?   
Pets are the sharks' best friends! Tap on the Fish Bowl in the shop to open the pets tab. Pets follow your shark in the game. They grant you an additional score multiplier, which means extra points for anything they eat. You also get the Gold, Health and Growth for things they eat. Some pets have a unique ability or bonus, such as flying or shooting plasma beams!
The bigger your shark, the more pets you can use.

How do I use the gadgets?   
Transform your shark into a swimming machine with gadgets! Tap on the jet pack icon in the shop to open the gadgets tab. You can purchase and equip all gadgets at once, and upgrade them for even more efficiency!
- Recycler Cannon: use and upgrade the recycler to clean up oil spills and clear bad junk floating in the ocean (plastic bags, broken bottles), and get extra points out of it. Throw it back to the humans!
- Laser: stun edibles with the laser and get extra points for eating them! Upgrade the laser to increase its firing rate and stun bigger prey.
- Force Field: prevent damage done by projectiles and explosions. The better the forcefield, the stronger it is.
- Jet pack: the only thing more terrifying than sharks with lasers are flying sharks! Boost out of the water with the jet pack to take to the skies. Upgrade it to stay in the air for longer!

You need at least a XL shark to unlock the Laser, L for the jetpack, M for the recycler cannon, and 12 missions completed for the force field.

How do I use the treasure maps?    
Each level has its own map to purchase in the shop. You can first buy the 'Basic' map to help you navigate around the level. You can then by the 'Premium' map which reveals all HUNGRY letters, Daily Chests and other collectables. Tap on the 'Pause' button in-game to open the map!

How do I use the power-ups?    
Equip power-ups to maximise your chances of completing missions and contests! You can buy power-ups with Gems or watch ads to earn some of them. You can choose between a variety of different power-ups fitting with your play style and your objective: Mega rush gives you a Mega Gold Rush at the start of the game and after each 'Save me', Gold magnet pulls gold edibles and HUNGRY letters towards you... tap on the power-up icon to read what it does!

How do I use the skins and accessories? 
It's time to pimp up your sharks! Tap on the Coat Hanger icon in the shop to open the accessories and skins tab.
- Tap on the Zipper icon to equip your shark skins or return to the original shark look. You can use skins to change the look of your sharks. They are unique to each shark in-game! Skins are not just cosmetic. They also max out your stats when purchased. Gotta get 'em all!
- Tap on the various body icons to equip items to each part of your shark's body, improving both your style and your stats! Accessories individually help you get more Gold, points, health, etc. Getting the whole set gives you an exclusive Set Bonus! Tap on an accessory icon to read the description, unlocking criteria and accessory set information.

What different levels and maps can I play?   
Bring chaos to the world! Tap on the double arrow button from the shop screen to open the globe screen. From here, you can explore the active missions and contests, as well as select the level you want to dive into. You can roam free in various locations around the globe, including:
- 4 main levels: Pacific Islands, Arctic Ocean, Arabian Sea, South China Sea.
- 4 mini-levels: Harbor, Galleon, Squid Boss Lair and New England. (only active during special events!)

You start in the Pacific Islands but you can rapidly unlock new levels by owning as many different sharks as required. If you select a locked level on the world map screen, the panel will show you how many sharks you need to play as before unlocking the level. You can buy a Map for each main level in the shop to help find your way around. See 'How do I use the treasure maps?' FAQ for more details.

The game downloads new levels before you access them for the first time via WiFi. If you are playing on iOS, a popup window will ask you to agree to download this additional content.

How can I get a bigger shark?   
You can progress in the game by eating as much as possible, all while completing missions, to unlock more characters. The more you eat, the more you amass growth points, the faster you will unlock the next shark! You can track your progress of unlocking new sharks for coins from the progression bar at the bottom of the Shark Select menu.

Growth points also increase the level of your equipped shark. Growing your shark will increase its health and size, making it easier to chomp on enemies! The shark's points multiplier also increases with the size.

What are the Shark Tiers?   
There are 7 size tiers of shark in Hungry Shark World, from (XS) to (!!). Moving up the size tiers means you'll be able to eat bigger things and smash through tougher walls. If you want to explore every part of your favourite levels, you're going to need a bigger shark!

Unlocking some powerful sharks such as prehistoric sharks with coins will require you to collect items in the game, such as ancient shark's teeth and fossils. You can also purchase your shark early with gems when the 'Get Now' icon appears.

You can find more information on what each shark can do, eat and break on the Shark Select Screen by tapping on the '?' icon next to the shark name.

Can you tell me more about the sharks abilities?   
The most exotic and powerful hungry sharks have totally unique abilities! You can find them below:
- Heidi can become invisible on any solid surface, which is perfect for surprising prey or escaping predators.
- Killer Whale has a bigger jump than most sharks and performs acrobatic tricks in the air, while also having an extremely fast boost. It also breathes air so takes no damage on land.
- Spike's poisoned spines raise with boosting, which means it can't be eaten and small fish become stunned.
- Drago can bend its neck to snap up food in all directions, and can use its flippers to move quickly on land where it can breathe the air and take no damage.
- Echo can sense incoming danger, like mines, before it even sees them and can breathe air so doesn't take damage on land.
- Buzz can use its spinning teeth to latch onto helicopters and submarines to cut right through them, and quickly slices up whales, sharks and colossal squid tentacles.
- Big Momma is not slowed down by mine explosions, spears or other projectiles thanks to her armour.
- Snappy can whip prey with its powerful tail and stuns enemies who attack from behind. It will also lunge forward with every boost.
- Robo Shark can eat small mines and fire them as a projectile. It can also glide through the air with extendable fins.
- Atomic absorbs toxic waste to heal and charge, while it can also use its legs to move quickly on land.
- Zombie bites turn an enemy shark into a zombie follower which acts as a pet. It also explodes when he dies, destroying nearby objects.
- The Frenzy is a special XXL shark composed of 9 co-dependant small sharks swimming as one. It can eat any other shark, even the biggest ones in the (!!!) tier.

Can I eat everything in the game?   
While eating is important in Hungry Shark, a big part of surviving longer is knowing how to avoid enemies who can take you out. As you are eating your way through the game, you’ll sometimes see a warning that lets you know the creature you’re attempting to eat is too big for you. Take note of those creatures and keep your distance! These may make you lose time and points. Boost to speed away quickly! Some tips for you:
- Pay attention to the jellyfish as they are most sharks’ deadliest enemies…
- Eat the gemfish! This very pretty-looking fish swims around and you’ll have to be quick to eat it! You receive a free gem every time you do.
- With its rotor blades, sweeping attack and homing missiles, the Military Helicopter is one tough enemy to take down! Avoid the blades and boost into the cockpit until you take it down.

What is the Shark Week Pack?    
Celebrate Shark Week in Hungry Shark World! Every year, we partner with Discovery to bring you the most incredible Shark Week items! The Discovery Shark Week 2019 Set offers the Puffy pet granting you +10% food bonus, the Shark Week Life Buoy granting you +8% health and the Shark Week Flag granting you +10% Gold. Equip all of these items together for an extra +15% Gold bonus!

How can I switch off the blood effects?    
Many different people play Hungry Shark World - some are very young, and others older than a Megalodon! We want to make sure the violence in the game is adapted to the player. That is why you can enable or disable blood effects and particles by tapping on the 'No Blood Mode' switch in the settings tab.

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