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General information about Taskforces in Ghost Recon Wildlands


How do I create or join a Taskforce?
The Taskforce feature allows you to team up with Ghosts who share your interests and goals. Taskforces can organize special events, manage their dedicated area, and use group chat. To create or join a Taskforce, go to Ghost Recon Network and select the Taskforce tab in the navigation bar.

Can I be a member of several Taskforces simultaneously?
No, although you can change Taskforces at any time.
Can I restrict the access to my profile and/or Taskforce?
When updating your profile or your Taskforce, you can decide whether those are set as private (only available to friends) or public.
Can I invite players to my Taskforce during a play session?
While playing Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands, you will be able to invite people from your game session to your Taskforce through the lobby menu.
How can I update my Taskforce emblem?
Taskforces can be customized thanks to a great variety of emblems. Taskforce Leaders can update them directly in game in the profile page.

How can I delete my Taskforce?​
Once all members leave or are removed from the Taskforce, the Taskforce will be automatically deleted.


How do I create or join an event?
To create events, you need to be part of a Taskforce and go to the Calendar page where various options are available.
To join events, you simply have to access the calendar page and click on event tiles. You can access both Official and Taskforce events.
After creating an event, will I be automatically matched with my party members in the game?
You will need to create your own party within the game through the lobby system (see main game FAQ).


How can I search for a friend or new players?
A basic search function is available at the bottom part of each page. You can also use the advanced search feature to identify players following different criteria (playstyles, weekly availability, language, etc.) and browse system recommendations.
What are recommended players and Taskforces?
Recommendations are suggestions made by the system based on various criteria, such as language, shared friends, and shared motivations to play.


How do I use the chat feature?
The Chat feature is available on the right panel of the website, along with the notification system. Here, you can check the availability of your friends and start discussions.
Can I use the chat for group conversations?
Only one-to-one conversations are supported at this time, however the Taskforce chat section allows all Taskforce members to chat together.

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