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Trolls: Crazy Party Forest - General Gameplay Questions

What is this game about?
In Trolls: Crazy Party Forest, you create and manage your own Troll village. Collect and train Trolls with all kinds of talents and abilities. Compete with your friends in fun party mini-games and unlock new sections of the forest to expand your village.

How do I get more Golden Cupcakes?
You can get Golden Cupcakes from several ways:
1. From Daily Quests - Sometimes it's given as the main reward for completing a set of qeusts. Make sure to check them every day!
2. From Daily Goodies - There are regular bunches of Golden Cupcakes to collect. You can scroll through the Daily Goodies list with your finger to discover them.
3. And of course, you can purchase Golden Cupcakes from the store by clicking the button on the top left beside the Cupcakes counter.

What do I get for becoming a VIP member?
You will receive a bunch of Golden Cupcakes every day at a highly discounted price for the whole duration of your subscription! Make sure to login every day to collect your daily shipment of Golden Cupcakes!

How do I get more Buttons?
1. Get more Trolls - Each Troll produces buttons. Collect your buttons more frequently - each Troll produces buttons for a fixed duration. Each time you collect, they will start producing again.
2. Level up your Trolls. Trolls with higher levels produce more buttons.
3. Get Special, Rare, or Epic Trolls. These Trolls also can produce more buttons than Forest Trolls.
4. And of course, you can purchase Buttons from the store by clicking the button on the top left corner beside the Button counter.

My Trolls need more energy, what should I do?
Give them what they need! Just tap on their homes to open the Troll home panel and you can see their requests. Then enter the pods to give them what they want.

What should I do when my Troll's energy bar is full?
When their energy is full, it is best to train the Troll's talent! Tap the related activity park and assign the right Troll. This will use up the Troll's energy and level up the Talent! If they don't have a Talent or you don't have enough activity parks, just leave them here. They will gain a big experience bonus after a short time.

Why do I need to train a Troll's talents?
Talents are needed to run the Parties! Each Party has a different focus and will take advantage of certain Troll Talents. Advanced Parties require Trolls with a larger amount of Talent points.

Why do some of my Trolls lack a talent?
The Forest Trolls are the most common type of Trolls. They don't have a talent, so they are not useful when running Parties. But they still produce buttons, so it's good to have some of them in your Forest, especially at the beginning.

How do I level up my Trolls?
Fulfill their needs! Each time you do this, the Troll's experience increases. If you fill their energy, theyw ill earn more experience after a little while.

How do I get better Trolls?
Unlock and throw more advanced Parties! More advanced Parties attract Rare and Epic Trolls! Tap on the little Troll pictures located on each Party flyer to see details about them. Collect Troll Tokens! Some of the best Trolls can only be unlocked by collecting tokens!

What are the Troll Tokens and how do I get them?
Troll Tokens allow you to unlock specific, highly valuable Trolls! You can get them from some Parties. Keep replaying those Parties until you got all the available Tokens from them.

My storage is full. How do I get more space?
Keep playing and reach higher ranks! Higher ranks unlock new thresholds for your Storage. Then you can upgrade it by using buttons!

How do I unlock other areas?
Keep playing and reach higher ranks! Higher ranks unlock new areas for your Forest. Here as well, buttons are needed to clear up the nasty vines that cover the ground.

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