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Failing to hit Bellec

If you are having difficulty completing the Bellec quick time event, there are a few things which can be done to solve this situation:
1. On the PC version of the game, lowering graphical settings to the lowest setting or relaunching the game can allow you to pass the event.
2. Still on the PC version, rebinding the Action key to something other than the default will sometimes resolve the problem.
3. Another solution could be to disconnect from the internet to complete the event.
4. For console users, try placing the controller on a hard surface and press the button as quickly as possible using your index finger. This should allow you to press the button much quicker than holding the controller in your hand and using your thumb.

If you have tried the previous steps but are still experiencing issues, please let us know. Note that for this specific case, attaching a Dxdiag and an Msinfo to your tickets will allow our support team to better understand your situation.

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