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NCIS: HIdden Crimes - Gameplay Questions

How do I make sure my progression in NCIS: Hidden Crimes is not lost?
If you want to be able to uninstall / re-install the game without losing progression, or be able to play the same game on all your mobile devices, please use the "Facebook Connect" function available on the first screen of the game or inside the Settings Menu.

How do I get COINS to progress in the story?
You can get Coins in multiple ways!
  • Trade with Abby! Find her Items in the Scenes, complete her trade sets and claim the Coin rewards
  • When you Level or Rank-up
  • When you claim your Trophies
  • From MTAC Missions
  • By making an In-App Purchase (IAP)

Can I get COINS faster?
You can get Coins faster by making an In-App Purchase (IAP) and purchasing Coins from the Shop.

Play a Scene and fill Stars by earning score! When a Star has been completed, the scene will be automatically upgraded the next time you tap on the scene to play it.

What is upgrading a SCENE?
Once you complete a Star, the scene will automatically upgrade and:
  • Unlock new Items when playing the Scenes
  • Unlock new Game Modes for more diverse fun!
  • Unlock new Game Mode Bonuses as permanent perks!

How do I know a SCENE is ready to be upgraded?
You can see when a Scene is ready to be upgraded on the Map:
  • The completed Star is highlighted with a special graphic;
  • A special glow will be on top of the Scene's pin. Tap the Scene to automatically upgrade it.
Game Mode Bonuses offer powerful bonus perks when playing the Scenes. Completing Stars 2 and 4 and upgrading the Scene unlocks the Bonuses, such as (but not limited to):
  • Faster Star filling;
  • Faster rate of getting a Mission Order.
A Game Mode Bonus is randomly placed on the unlocked Game Modes, to give a diverse experience.

How do I select other EVIDENCE from the SCENE SELECTION MENU?
You can select other Evidence on the scene pop-up once the scene has been Upgraded. Simply tap on the Evidence item.

What are the different INVESTIGATION GAME MODES in a SCENE?
Every scene can be played in Classic mode. 

Two additional Investigation Game Modes are available per scene when a scene is:
  • either upgraded
  • or the mode is unlocked by purchasing it with in-game Cash.

Game Modes offer a new and exciting experience to playing the Scenes for more diverse fun. Completing Stars 2 and 4 and upgrading the scene unlocks the new Game Modes, such as:
  • Time Attack - find the objects as fast as possible.
  • Shredder - piece the shredded scene back together.
  • Mirrored - find the objects based on the 'mirrored' words.
  • Word Chase - find the objects to catch the special word.
  • Silhouette - find the objects based on their silhouettes.
What are NUMBERS / MULTIPLIERS at the top of the SCENES?
The score multipliers provide more score for the associated object word and will increase for every correct multiplier hidden object found in the scene.

Is it possible to investigate scenes for less ENERGY?
Nice try, probie! Investigating scenes costs a fixed 10 energy per scene.

How do I regain ENERGY?
The Energy bar is refilled by 1 energy unit every 4 minutes;
Energy can also be rewarded from:
  • Level or Rank-up;
  • From MTAC Missions; 
  • Examining Clues;
  • Choosing the correct answer during some Suspect Interrogations;
  • In some special cases, by completing Trade sets.
Can I increase the size of my ENERGY bar?
Yes you can! An energy bar extender is rewarded on certain Level and Rank-ups.

Can I extend the size of my ENERGY bar via in-game cash or IAP?
Energy bar extenders are currently only available through Level and Rank-ups.

What are PARTNERS?
Partners are either NCIS agents or your real social media friends when you invite them to play NCIS: Hidden Crimes. Partners give you energy rewards and real friend partners help you to unlock more NCIS agents.

How do I add PARTNERS?
You can add more Partners by inviting friends to play NCIS: Hidden Crimes. You can select a Partner before playing a Scene. Remember, Partners have a cool down time when you use them, so the more friends you invite the more Partners you can use to help you out.

Which members of the NCIS TEAM do I get to investigate with?
The NCIS Team is available to help you when you select them as your Partner. Bishop is immediately on hand, but you can also unlock the rest of the NCIS Team by inviting friends to the game. Alternatively, the NCIS team can also be unlocked with cash. The NCIS Team includes; Bishop, DiNozzo, Abby, McGee, Ducky, Gibbs and Palmer. Each agent offers Partner rewards.

Can it take less time to complete an ANALYSIS?
Sure! To complete the analysis immediately you can use in-game Cash!

How do I get to the next EPISODE?
The next Episode is available once the current episode has been completed. A new Episode requires you to Start Research and either wait for the Episode timer to count down, use Reports earned from the MTAC Missions or by unlocking the Episode with in-game Cash.

You refill your Mission Orders every time you play a scene. Mission Orders can also be rewarded when you Level or Rank-up, claim Trophies and from the MTAC Missions.

I can't find a HIDDEN OBJECT! What should I do?
Don't worry there are several ways you can get help. Try Tapping on a Word to Reveal the hidden object to help visualize the word in the scene. You can also use Power-ups to help you find hidden objects in the scene. The Hint and Sniper Power-ups are what you should try if you need help finding an object quickly.

How is my SCORE calculated?
Your Score is earned when you discover Hidden Objects in the Scenes. It can be valuable Objects such as clues or normal Objects, but both will reward you score. You will earn more score for each Hidden Object by finding the words with the Multiplier attached to them.
Your score is calculated by the following:
  • Base Score = Hidden Objects found;
  • Time Bonus = How fast you completed the Scene;
  • Accuracy Bonus = How well you find all objects without tapping a wrong object;
  • Combo Bonus = How many multiplier objects found and the multiplier level.
How do I know when I'll LEVEL UP / RANK UP?
The Level Shield is shown in the top left of the screen. When you earn XP for completing Scenes and Story Objectives the shield will fill up. When it is completely filled you will Level or Rank-up.

Are you going to release more EPISODES?
You will be happy to know that we plan to regularly release new Episodes. Stay updated with the latest Episode releases by visiting our Facebook Fan page, "NCIS: Hidden Crimes".

How can I select / change my AVATAR?
You can access the Avatar Shop by tapping your Avatar shown in the top left corner of the screen. The Avatar Shop is the place to choose, preview and purchase new Avatar Outfits. You can also change the Gender of your avatar at no cost.

What is MTAC and how can I access it?
In the MTAC Missions you can contact special Agents across the globe to locate rewards for you. You will need a Mission Order to start a MTAC Mission. You can access it from the Map at the bottom of the screen.

What is TRADE?
Trade is where you go to help Abby find Items from the Scenes and claim Coins for a completed Trade set.

Where can I find the Items needed in TRADE?
In the Trade screen you can tap on the Find buttons below each Item image. This will show you the Scene the Item is located in.
Alternatively, look out for coins icons above the Scene pins on the Map. These also indicate which scenes the current Items in the Trade sets can be found in.

What are the Dynamic Objects I have to drag & drop sometimes?
At the end of some Scenes you need to match a Clue with one of the glowing objects in the scene to find a new Clue. If you match correctly on your first go you will get a reward.

What is the MENU at the bottom of the screen?
The Navigation Menu centralizes the 4 main screens of the game into an easy to access menu. The MAP, EPISODE, TRADE and MTAC can be accessed quickly from the Navigation Menu from each of these screens.
The Navigation Menu is also used to show what you can do next, by showing you a guide arrow.

What can I access from the MAP SCREEN?
The Map screen is the central hub where all of the Scenes are accessed. You can Swipe the map to scroll it and view the scenes and the upcoming and completed episode pins. From the Map screen you can also access Daily Rewards, Trophies and Gifts pop-ups, as well as the Settings screen.

What can I access from the EPISODE SCREEN?
The Episode screen is where you can see your story objectives. In here you can start objectives, see your episode progression and access the Suspect screen.

What can I do on the SUSPECT SCREEN?
You can view Suspects and information about each of them, look at the Killer Profiles you have found during the Episode, Interrogate Suspects and Arrest the Criminal!
From episode 3 onwards, in the Suspect screen you can also choose who you think is the LEAD SUSPECT to win a Mission Order from Agent DiNozzo if you choose correctly before a suspect is arrested.

What are TROPHIES?
When you complete specific goals in the game you can claim Trophies and get rewards.

What is CASH?
Cash is the Premium currency used in NCIS: Hidden Crimes. You can use Cash to purchase a variety of resources and Power-ups, to unlock content and speed up timers. As well as being offered as an In-App Purchase (IAP), Cash is also rewarded through out the game.

How do I get more CASH?
You can get Cash from the Shop by making an In-App Purchase (IAP). Cash can also be rewarded when you Level or Rank-up, claim Trophies and from the MTAC Missions.  In some special cases, cash can also be earnt by completing Trade sets.

What are REPORTS?
Reports can be used to speed up the research of the Episode unlock timer when a new episode is available. One Report speeds up the timer by 1 day.

How do I get more REPORTS?
You can only get Reports from the MTAC missions, by contacting special Agents across the globe to locate them for you. You can increase your chances of earning a Report by using Cash on the Increase Report Chances bar. The Cash cost is constant until chances are maxed out. The Increase Chances Bar will remain at its current level until you find a Report, even if you exit the MTAC Missions screen or exit the app.

How can I rewatch the videos from the beginning of the EPISODE?
The movies at the start and sometimes inside an Episode can only be viewed at that time. You cannot rewatch them. When a new Episode is available you can watch a Trailer movie of the next Episode.

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