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Gameplay questions for Might & Magic: Era of Chaos

An explanation of the primary in-game screen in Might & Magic: Era of Chaos.
Players will see the "Main City" upon entering the game. There are shortcut buttons below the "Main City" where players can access: Artifact, VIP, Train, Deploy, Missions, Units, Heroes, Backpack, and other primary features. Players can also tap on Expedition, Statue, Altar, Market, Trial of Angels, and Congress at the center of the map to enter these features. Some features require players to be at a certain level before becoming available. Players can slide left or right to move their view of the main city and select the feature they wish to access.

Arena rules in Might & Magic.
Results for Arena are finalized every night at 9 PM, with rewards sent the next day via in-game mail.

Players earn rewards by breaking their own historical highs on the leaderboard.

As a reminder, the rules are also viewable via the Arena in game.

Introduction to Campaign in Might & Magic.
Players will see the "Main City" upon entering the game. They can then tap on Campaign on the left side of the "Main City".

Players tackle endless challenges in Campaign. Units who die in battle in this mode cannot be used again.

Players can collect treasure maps to unlock the final treasure. Select levels also contain chests with goodies inside.

If a player makes it to the Obelisk level, they can choose one of three buff skills to enhance their unit. This includes reviving dead units.

Hero specialty in Might & Magic.
Each hero has 4 specialty slots. Different attribute bonuses can be gained from different specialties. A hero's attributes directly influence unit power.

Introduction to the Roster system in Might & Magic.
Tap on "Roster" on the left side of the map upon entering the "Main City". Players can add their units to the roster using the Roster system.

Different rosters will add differing attributes to units. The higher the power of the units in the roster, the better the attribute bonuses.

Players can also upgrade roster levels or use diamonds to unlock more roster slots for better earnings.

I can't log into Might & Magic.
1. There might not be enough space in your device, or there are too many apps running at the same time. We recommend closing unnecessary apps before running the game and to ensure there's enough space in your device.

2. Please check and make sure your connection is stable. We recommend playing on Wi-Fi or on a strong network. If your connection is behaving normally and you still can't log in, we suggest restarting the game or the network before trying again.

3. Please ensure you have the latest version installed. If it's not the latest version, uninstall the game and then download the latest version from the official site.

Hero spells in Might & Magic.
Each hero starts with 4 spells and spell scrolls can be used to upgrade them. The more a spell is enhanced, the more powerful its effects.

What are the benefits of the VIP system in Might & Magic?
Tap on "VIP" below the "Main City". Players can upgrade various VIP systems using ability points in "VIP".

When points are maxed out in the current VIP title, players can be promoted to the next title.

Each VIP system has special features that can increase earnings.

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