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Money and items in Might & Magic: Era of Chaos

What rewards can I get from standard stages in Might & Magic: Era of Chaos?
Standard stages are a mix of main storyline missions and stage challenges. Standard stages produce: rune material, unit EXP, diamonds, some unit tokens, spell scrolls, and more. Players can also get chest rewards by getting max stars in each chapter and sideline stage. Rewards contain some unit tokens, diamonds, coins, and more.

How do I earn coins in Might & Magic?
1. Complete "Daily Missions" for coins.
2. Kill more dwarves for more coins in "Dwarven Treasury".
3. Complete as many stages as possible in "Campaign" to earn more coins.
4. Spend diamonds for coins through Hand of Midas.
5. Complete standard or Underground stages for coins.
6. Sign in for coins.
7. Get coins through "VIP". Higher titles get more coins.

How do I get unit tokens in Might & Magic?
Get unit tokens from statues, elite stages, chests, Mystical Store, altars, and more. Gather enough tokens to synthesize a specific unit or increase the unit's rank.

As a reminder, tokens can be viewed through [Backpack] - [Units].

Why did my top-up fail in Might & Magic?
1. Jailbroken iOS devices cannot be used to top up.

2. The most common reasons for top-up failure are unstable network and errors when loading account information. We suggest finding a new network with a stable connection, close other running apps on your device, and try again after restarting the game.

What rewards can I get from Campaigns in Might & Magic?
Players can get artifacts, Heaven-Cast Stones, and more from Campaigns.

As a reminder, some of the rewards are redeemed in shops.

Might & Magic announcement: Mobile games against third-party charges.
To maintain fairness in Might & Magic: Era of Chaos and to protect player interests and account security, player actions related to the use of topping up while using any third-party top-up platforms will be scrutinized.

If a player is verified to have used any third-party top-up platform to perform top-up transactions, actions will be taken against them on a case-by-case basis. These actions may include but are not limited to:

1. Removing all in-game currency gained from these top-ups.

2. A temporary ban, permanent ban, or other penalties.

As such, we would like to remind players to avoid using any third-party top-up platforms when performing top-ups.

Any losses incurred from the use of third-party top-up platforms should be directed to said platforms for after-sales rights protection at your own expense.

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