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Claiming your Happy Holidays giveaway content (December 2020)

From Monday14 December 2020 to Saturday19 December 2020, you will have the chance to claim games and in-game items with our Happy Holidays giveaway!

A different game or item pack will be available each day - be sure to check the Ubisoft Connect website!

All games redeemed will be for PC only. In-game items will be available on each platform that you own the game on.

To claim your content:

•  Visit the giveaway website.
You can also access the giveaway through the Ubisoft Connect desktop app, mobile app, or website.
•  Select Register now.
•  Login to your Ubisoft account, or create a new one.
Make sure you login to the account you want to claim the content on.

You will receive your content within seven days. If you are redeeming an item pack, you will receive a confirmation email. 

You must be 18 or over at the time of entry.

Please see our full terms and conditions for more information.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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