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General Question & Answers About Rocksmith 2014 Next-Gen version


Where can I find more information regarding Rocksmith 2014 Next-Gen Version?


How many songs are included with Rocksmith 2014 Edition for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One?
Rocksmith 2014 includes 55 songs, plus an additional 10 bonus songs, which are unlockable as you progress through the game and achieve specific goals. For the move to PS4 and Xbox One, no songs have been added to or deleted from the core game.

Can I import my existing DLC from Xbox 360/PS3?
Yes. You will be able to import any DLC you have purchased within the same console family for no additional charge. That is, any DLC you have purchased on Xbox 360 will be downloadable on Xbox One, and any PlayStation 3 DLC will be downloadable on PlayStation 4. If you own a lot of DLC, this may be time consuming, but you only have to do it once. 

I bought the Import Pack to bring most of the songs from the original Rocksmith disc into my Rocksmith 2014 library. Will I still be able to access to those 

Yes. You’ll be able to re-download them as if they were any other DLC in your collection.

If I bought DLC on 360 but I now own a PS4, can I import my DLC across platforms? Can I transfer my Steam DLC library to my console?
No, sorry. You can only import DLC from within the same console “family.” Cross-platform DLC transfer is not possible, as different publishers run each of 
those digital stores. It's a little like buying a Coca-Cola at McDonald's, then asking Burger King to refill your cup
If I buy DLC on a new console (PS4 or Xbox One), can I also download it for my previous system (PS3 or Xbox 360)?
No, sorry – but the opposite is true. If you buy DLC on an Xbox 360, you can bring it forward to Xbox One; if you buy DLC on a PS3, you can also download it on PS4. So if you want to own the DLC on both platforms within a console family, you’ll want to buy it on the earlier console, then download it on the newer one.

So, for maximum clarity:
Buy on PS3, own it on PS3 and PS4
Buy on PS4, own it on PS4
Buy on Xbox 360, own it on Xbox 360 and Xbox One
Buy on Xbox One, and own it on Xbox One

Will DLC from the original Rocksmith be available for sale on the new consoles?
Yes. All of the DLC released for the original Rocksmith is compatible with Rocksmith 2014 and will be made available for purchase on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. If you’ve already bought it on your previous console, you can download it on your new console at no additional charge.

Can I transfer my save game/progress to the new machine?
No, sorry. You'll need to start that over, but hey -- your skills will totally transfer

Do I need to buy the official Rocksmith Real Tone Cable?
Yes, as you cannot use Rocksmith 2014 Edition without the Real Tone Cable. The physical/retail edition of the game comes with one, and if you would like additional cables (for instance, for multiplayer mode), you can buy additional cables from participating retailers or directly from Ubisoft.

I already own a Real Tone Cable from another edition of the game. Can I use that?
Yes – the cable is universal and will work on any of the six supported platforms – PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, and Macintosh.

Where can I buy a second cable for multiplayer?
Ubisoft sells them online via the Ubisoft Store, Your local store might carry it too, or be able to order it.

Can I pre order the digital edition?
No, but it will be available on release day in your territory.

What’s new in the PS4 and Xbox One editions of the game?
Both new versions output graphics at 1080p, so the visuals will look nicer if you have a 1080p television set. Additionally, the PlayStation 4 version supports Remote Play via the PlayStation Vita, so you can practice the songs in another room even though you aren’t being tracked or scored. On the other side of the fence, Xbox One users with Kinect can navigate the game using voice commands, so you never have to put down the guitar.

Is there some sort of upgrade pricing discount? Like, can I get the PS4 version for less since I already bought the PS3 edition?
No, sorry -- but your DLC library will transfer over for no additional cost.

So why would I upgrade?
There's no upgrade discount, it's basically the same game, and I don't care about those new elements.
It's totally your call, based on your personal needs and console setup at home. When we released Rocksmith 2014 last year, many people were investing in their new consoles instead of buying software for their previous platform, so they skipped it. This year, we're extending RS2014 to those new platforms so those folks can get a chance to learn to play guitar too.
As to whether or not it makes sense for you to get it if you already own RS2014 on another platform, it's like buying your favourite movie on DVD, then seeing it come out for Blu-Ray. If you're trying to get all your favourite films on the latest format, then it might be something you want. If your DVD is serving you well, then you would probably just watch that when you're in the mood. Similarly, if you are enjoying RS2014 on your current platform, we'll keep supporting it with fresh DLC. Whichever version fits your lifestyle is fine with us -- we're glad you're playing!

If I already earned Achievements and Trophies on the previous console versions, will I be able to earn those again on the new systems?
Yes. The games are seen as different entites, with their own lists of Achievements and Trophies.

Can I use the console’s streaming functionality to broadcast my Rocksmith 2014 gameplay?
In some modes, yes. You can broadcast your free-form jams in Session Mode out to the internets as often as you like, show off your skills by streaming Guitarcade games, and hold sonic clinics online in Tone Designer. If you want to stream Learn a Song, Multiplayer, or Score Attack gameplay, you won't be able to use the internal streaming functionality for that content.

Is the music presented at higher fidelity/a higher bitrate on the new systems?
The music has always had the lightest compression we could get away with -- that's too important to squash, so you'll get the same high quality you're used to on any of the existing platforms. However, you may detect some improvement in PS4/XB1 menu audio, venue reverbs, and Session Mode instruments, as the new systems let us get away with lighter compression in those areas.

What happens to the existing versions of Rocksmith 2014 on Xbox 360, PS3, PC, and Mac?
We will continue to support all the existing platforms, and fresh DLC will continue to flow for all platforms on a weekly basis. Nothing is being taken away or discontinued; we're just extending RS2014 to two new systems.

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