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Content Packs of Anno 1800


What is included in the content pack I unlocked for Anno 1800?


Once you have successfully activated the content, for example by redeeming a code, you will be able to find it in game.
Below you find a list of the content packs and what they contain:
Imperial Pack (Pre-Order Bonus)
1602 Memorial
Imperial Train
Imperial Command Ship
Anno 1800 Imperial Pack
Digital Deluxe Pack
Company logos
The Art of Anno 1800
Selected Game Soundtrack
Anno 1800 Digital Deluxe Pack
The Anarchist
New medium-difficult AI opponent: Dr Hugo Mercier, the Anarchist.
New defection system. 
Over 50 new quests.
Over 50 new items.
Unlock his portrait and logo for your own profile (unlockable via Ubisoft Club).
6 new Achievements to challenge players.
2 new ornaments (unlockable via Ubisoft Club).
Anarchist DLC Art
Season 1 Pass
You can find the details about the content in our dedicated Season 1 Pass article.
Anno 1800 Season Pass
Holiday Pack
Gives players a range of cosmetic ornaments to turn their industrial cities into a holiday wonderland including a festive carousel, Christmas trees, Santa’s Grotto, market stalls and more.
User-added image

Season 2 Pass
You can find the details about the content in our dedicated Season 2 Pass article.
Anno 1800 Season Pass

Amusements Pack
Gives you 16 new lovingly crafted ornaments that they can use to add another attraction to the island of your dreams.

Amusements Pack Art

Should you have difficulties locating any of the content, or have any further questions, feel free to contact us!

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