Rewards in Might & Magic: Chess Royale


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How can I unlock new Heroes?

• As soon as you get your first Hero Shard for a Hero, you unlock them forever.
• Some Heroes are only unlockable via League Rewards. Earn Trophies to get them!
• Once unlocked, you’ll be able to find more of their Shards when opening Chests.
• Other Heroes can simply be unlocked when opening Chests, on top of other rewards.

How do I obtain Chests, and what is the difference between them?

• You obtain Chests by using Medals, Crystals or via League Rewards.
• There are several types of Chests such as: Silver, Azure and Scarlet.
• Chests have different reward rarity, which you can view before opening.
• Higher Ranks improve all Chests. For details, select a Rank in the League Rewards menu!

How do I get my League Rewards?

• League Rewards are a set of rewards that can only be obtained with Trophies.
• From the Main Menu, go to the League Rewards menu and claim your available rewards.
• When a new League begins, rewards above a specific milestone will change.
• New League Rewards might include brand new Heroes that can’t be obtained elsewhere!

How can I obtain Silver Medals?

• You only obtain Silver Medals at the end of a match.
• How many Silver Medals you obtain depends on your final match ranking.
• Only a limited amount of Silver Medals can be earned. They frequently refill.

How can I obtain Azure Medals?
• You only obtain Azure Medals at the end of a match, if you meet the conditions.
• You must equip at least one of your “Heroes of the Day” for the match.
• You can only earn 1 Azure Medal per Hero of the Day, if you rank 50 or higher.
• Up to 6 Heroes can be randomly selected as your Heroes of the Day.

How can I obtain Crystals?
• Crystals can be awarded in different ways, such as unlocking League Rewards.
• Crystals can also be purchased for real money in the Main Menu Shop.

How can I obtain Coins?
• Coins can be awarded in different ways, such as opening Chests.
• You also earn some Coins when finishing a match, although there is a daily limit.
• You can exchange your Crystals for Coins in the Main Menu Shop.

What is the difference between Crystals and Silver/Azure Medals?
• Crystals can be used to open several types of Chests within the Main Menu Shop.
• Silver/Azure Medals can only open Silver/Azure Chests on the Main Menu.
• Medals are earned at the end of a match, while Crystals are obtained as rewards.
• Unlike Medals, Crystals can also be purchased for real money in the Main Menu Shop.

Is there a daily limit for the rewards I can get at the end of a match?
• For Trophies: There is no limit. Keep earning them to unlock all League Rewards.
• For Coins: There is a daily limit (No limit for Coins found in Chests/League Rewards).
• For Silver Medals: There is a limit. Obtainable Silver Medals refill during the day.
• For Azure Medals: There is a daily limit that depends on how many Heroes you own.

How do I level up Heroes?
• From the Main Menu, select the Heroes Menu and then any unlocked Hero.
• To level up a Hero, you’ll need enough Coins and the appropriate Hero Shards.
• You’ll also need the appropriate Player Level to level up a Hero beyond a certain level.
• Keep leveling up various Heroes to improve your Player Level.

What happens if I level up a Hero to the max?
• You can no longer use or receive Hero Shards for that particular Hero.
• Any additional Hero Shard for a maxed out Hero will be converted into Crystals.

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